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The UX design process: overview

User experience design isn't just arranging stuff on a page. The most important part is investigating user needs and understanding your business requirements. That applies both to design projects and usability studies.

Here's what a client said about our process:

"This is our first product that looks like it was designed with the user in mind."

"What I like about this project is how quickly we got to an actionable set of tasks."

An overview of the process

Group Design Workshop example
A sketch from a Group Design Workshop,
a great bridge from Discovery to Design

User needs: Through customer research, we learn about your users and how they work. We use that information to develop personas, or written descriptions of user categories.

Business requirements: If you write a business requirements document, we'll actually read it. We'll also interview you and your staff to understand the business goals.

A Group Design Workshop is a great way to learn more about user and business requirements from a cross-section of your company. It's a brainstorming session with a twist.

Next, we start doing rapid prototyping to show you some UI concepts and then bring in a graphic designer to incorporate your brand and other visual images.

We customize the design process to fit your needs, but there are generally three phases: Discovery, Design and Delivery.

Read about our design process

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3. Design phase
4. Delivery phase