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Expert Product Reviews

Sometimes you don't have time for a usability study, but still need an analysis of your product. An Expert Product Review is a good solution. Based on our design expertise, we quickly produce a report detailing the strengths and weaknesses of the UI. Download a sample usability report (PDF, 166 KB).

The difference is that we won't watch users working with the product. Still, you get the benefit of our expertise in design and how people use software. The resulting report will help you improve your product.

The process starts with interviews so we understand your goals and requirements. Then we explore the product, using typical usage scenarios as a guide. We may also look at competitors' products. Finally, we meet with you to review the report and discuss next steps.

Topics in our report are the same as for a usability study, including:

  Navigation  Can people find what they're looking for to get the job done?

  Visual design  Graphics, color and layout should support the information being presented.

  Terminology  The product should use words that users use rather than make them learn your terminology.

  User model  Along with terminology, concepts and the objects used in the UI should match what users expect. This makes it easier for them to learn and use the product.

  eCommerce features  Product selection and checking out may be the most important parts of an eCommerce site, so they have to work smoothly.