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Portfolio: — Customer research helps people through the complex process of building energy-efficiently, and achieving certification in the LEED process (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).

See other work for BuildingGreen.

The credit selection mechanism

Users start by selecting a credit, and find helpful hints and tools for achieving it

The BuildingGreen staff reserved time in their fast-track project for customer research. The result was a validation of much of the site's design and its concepts, plus improvements to the UI. Personas that we developed will be used by all team members to ensure a shared understanding of the product's users.

Early customer interviews paid off because we got feedback before the system officially launched.

Work on this project included

  Customer interviews  There's nothing like talking with real users. Interviews with potential users helped us understand who they are, how they would use the system and what they thought of while it was still in the beta state.

  Persona development  We developed personas based on what we learned in the interviews, and on interviews with a topic expert. Personas describe typical users and help with design, marketing, QA and other tasks. We used a great new graphical presentation for the personas.

  Expert product review  A detailed review of the application turned up a variety of issues that the team began addressing immediately. Discussing the results of the review let us set priorities and decide which things could wait.


See other work for BuildingGreen.


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