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UI design portfolio: by category

This is a listing of projects by category. Other views: projects from the early days of the Web, some featured portfolio samples, the full portfolio, and Hal Shubin's resume.

Platform: Social computing

Platform: Mobile apps

Platform: eCommerce & mCommerce

Product type: Medical and healthcare products (Web and mobile)

Platform: Web applications and information sites

Platform: Desktop applications (PC software)

  • Contact management (Lotus Organizer)
  • Financial information systems for traders (Thomson Financial)
  • Mobile user suite (Digital Equipment Corporation)
  • Network performance management of nGenius product (Netscout)
  • Printer management (Digital Equipment Corporation)
  • Software security analysis (@stake)
  • Spelling and grammar checking products (Inso)
  • Telephone call management system, Web-based (iQ NSI)
  • Telephone call management, Windows-based (Voice Processing)

Platform: PDAs, handhelds, TVs & other non-PC devices

Product type: Search

Product type: General audience, Web and PC design

Platform: Web portals

  • Business-to-business (B2B) portals (Radnet)
  • Digital Library design & customer research (ACM)
  • Sales Portal – usability study & UI review (EMI Strategic Marketing & WorldPay)
  • Information portal for intranets (Hyperwave)

Product type: Collaboration tools

Product type: Technical computer software

Product type: Financial software

Product type: Human Resources software

Product type: Telephone-related UI design

Writing: Articles