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User experience design services

We offer user experience design services appropriate for each step of product development. We have a proven track record working with Web sites, Web applications and hardware.

  UI design and information architecture  Our design process involves three phases: Discovery (understanding business & user needs, and creating personas), Design (quick mockups of design ideas, prototypes, usability studies, and visual design) and Delivery (finishing the prototype, creating a design spec and consultation during implementation). The process has been tested with dozens of clients, and we customize it for each engagement.

  Customer research  Talking with customers and observing them working provides information that you cannot get any other way.

In usability testing, we observe real users interacting with your product to identify strengths and weaknesses. After all, who better than your users to tell you what's good and bad in your product? Usability testing gives valuable feedback at any point in the development process, but is especially good early on. The result is a usability report (download a sample usability report, PDF).

Customer visits may include usability testing or just discussions with users. Open-ended conversations provide a way to learn about customer needs that are hard to express otherwise. They lead to increased understanding of how to build your product.

Read more about customer research techniques...

  Mentoring  Many of our clients form their own UX groups. Consulting engagements often include advice in hiring and mentoring junior designers.

  Expert product review  We can do an expert review of existing products without bringing in any users. A review contains observations based on good design practices and knowledge of your customers. It's faster than a full usability study.