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Dr Irena Eris and Pharmaceris are recognized cosmetics brands owned by Dr Irena Eris Cosmetic Laboratories.
Mikołaj Czajkowski
Digital Consultant & Co-Owner at Move Closer
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“We have been looking for a platform that would combine a variety of features under one roof. has everything that’s needed to meet the expectations of our most demanding e-commerce clients and grow their revenues.”

Mikołaj Czajkowski
Digital Consultant & Co-Owner at Move Closer


Luxurious cosmetics by Dr Irena Eris are designed based on their own patent applications, innovative technologies and the top-quality ingredients. Pharmaceris is a brand of pharmacy dermo-cosmetics, which enables comprehensive dermal care of problem skin.

Over the last few years, online has become one of the crucial distribution channels. Both brands have an independent online store managed by Move Closer – a software development agency specialized in e-commerce and an official partner. Move Closer is an expert team of e-commerce developers, designers and data-driven business analysts who provide a full-service ecommerce solution for clients who want to turn their e-commerce into the next level.

Challenges they faced

In order to cover various operational aspects, the Move Closer team was looking for an all-in-one platform with a number of tools and applications. For luxury e-commerce brands that pay a lot of attention to high-quality customer support, getting a 360-degree user overview is a must. Therefore, advanced user tracking and a possibility to see the whole history of customer interactions and past purchases from a single place, was one of the important aspects considered at the tool selection stage. Having access to the detailed user profiles, combined with CRM and automations, would enable Pharmaceris and Dr Irena Eris consultants to provide personalized and quick support.

In addition, Move Closer very much appreciated the engagement and technical support of experts who make every effort to ensure that the system meets the client’s requirements and have a client-centric approach in further product development.

How helps

To achieve Pharmaceris and Dr Irena Eris ecommerce business goals, the Move Closer team has also been using:

Live chat – it’s the brands’ main customer support channel, combined with quick access to user details it helps consultants to stay customer-oriented and ensure top-class service quality. Users can contact trained cosmetics consultants who assist them in product selection and are able to provide professional recommendations. and the professional service of consultants make the customer service process efficient and smooth. Live chat positively impacts the brands’ business results while improving user experience and creating potential customers for life!

Chatbot – that virtual advisor conducts a conversation with the client, answering questions about the services offered and providing specific solutions. Chatbot automation starts at the moment when a client appears on the website, greets them and asks if they need any help. If a user is interested in professional consultation, a bot serves as a pre-qualificator and asks a few follow-up questions to collect additional details about their needs. Also, the Move Closer team uses this communication channel to automatically collect marketing and data processing consents.

Email campaigns – simple campaigns are particularly helpful for sending newsletter and informing subscribers about special deals and limited offers. In addition, the team set up automated drip email campaigns to rescue abandoned carts. Although email has been an important communication channel for a longer time, Move Closer continuously adjusts their strategy to the Pharmaceris and Dr Irena Eris customers preferences and will soon incorporate automated SMS campaigns as part of the stores’ omnichannel communication.

Pop-ups – a simple and efficient way to inform users about current promotions and encourage them to sign up for a newsletter.

"An extensive package of marketing tools, including chat, newsletters, pop-ups, automations. Ability to react quickly to customer inquiries. Ease of use. A huge facilitation in daily work of customer support.”

Ewelina Jaroszczuk
E-Commerce Manager at Cosmetics Lab (Proxy for Pharmaceris & Dr Irena Eris E-Commerce)

What have they achieved so far?

As a professional digital agency, the Move Closer team has been very satisfied with the capabilities of the application. With such a comprehensive platform and a variety of useful support features, the Move Closer ecommerce experts have further improved the quality of Pharmaceris and Dr Irena Eris customer service and business results.

Consultants are able to respond quickly and deliver a personalized message to the customer, whether through live chat or other preferred communication channels. It improves customer satisfaction, creates trust and helps to build long-term brand loyalty. In theory, every client is therefore 100% cared for. In practice, even more – the number of chat conversations between H2 2020 and H1 2021 increased by 55%! Greater customer engagement translates into an increase in newsletter conversion. The revenue generated by the newsletter in September 2021 grew by 218% Y-o-Y.

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