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Marketing Automation Course & 35 Automation Ideas

You’ve heard a lot about marketing automation, but are you still trying to figure out what it exactly means? Not sure where to start or looking for real-world examples?

55 Reasons for Tracking Each Website Visitor

Imagine knowing the interests, purchase habits, and current behavior of each person visiting your website...

A Practical Visitor & Lead Segmentation Cheatsheet

Did you know segmentation can easily improve your conversions and sales? Of course it requires some work but is totally worth it!

Grading and Scoring your Leads

Do terms cold, hot leads ors MQL ring a bell? Sure they do. But knowing they exist and how to assign such tags properly are two different things.

Effective Lead Nurturing

Surely you’ve heard about the magic power of lead nurturing. Companies that excel at lead nurturing generate 50% more sales-ready leads at 33% lower cost.

The Role of Omnichannel in the Customer Journey

Building meaningful, mutually beneficial relationships with your customers is not an easy task.

Implement an effective marketing automation system for your company

Are you afraid that marketing automation can be too complicated? Not sure where to start or looking for real world examples?

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“As the main retention leader responsible for churn, customization is everything and helps us with automations, and push notifications campaigns, to provide an amazing experience for our clients.”
Luizza Couto
Director of Product, Qconcursos
“One of our biggest achievements is our improved conversion rates – since we started to work with, we have increased the number of demos we previously scheduled by 25%.”
Marta Piotrowiak
Marketing Manager, TimeCamp
“Now I’m able to use all of these products – from push, SMS, knowledge base, on top of the robust marketing automation – in a single system to enhance my customer’s experience, and this is where the platform has the advantage.”
Justin McGill
Founder, LeadFuze
We have managed to keep conversion rates and customer satisfaction at high levels while our business has grown 500% YoY, and their team been a huge help in scaling our business. Our automated re-engagement campaigns is helping us to be much closer to our customers and understand their needs easier.
Izabela Harbarczyk
Growth Catalyst, Bouncer
Standard Features

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Powerful, self-serve email marketing to help you convert, engage, and retain more users. Trusted by thousands of companies.

Product Recommendations

Use cutting-edge technology and offer the most likely personalized recommendations to increase the cart value with your products for cross-selling.

User Tracking

Utilize tracking combined with automation to prime customers for higher cart values - send educational engagement based on touchpoints.

Bring-back & Replenishment

Turn repeatable purchases into automated tasks. Send automatic communication based on cycles or order gap analysis that best fits your audience.

Email For Any Business

Send lead nurturing, onboarding or ecommerce emails. Regardless of your of business model your emails always hit the right target with the proper content.

Opens, clicks and unsubscribes

See who opens, clicks and unsubscribes from your emails. All this information is visible in user-profiles and can be used as a trigger for further automations.

Drag & Drop Builder

Easy to create various campaigns, simply by dragging appropriate sections onto the canvas and change what you need.

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