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How a SaaS grew to one of the top generative artificial intelligence companies, and set up automated onboarding and user activation processes with the help of advanced segmentation.
Dave Rogenmoser
CEO & Co-Founder, Jasper.ai
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Jasper (Previously Jarvis & Conversion.ai) is a platform for helping you create content. Their application makes it easy for anyone to produce high-performing marketing content using advanced AI. In addition, companies can use Jarvis to easily create content for any other platform like Facebook, in Google ads, plus to create website content, social posts, and more.

Challenges they faced:

Previously they were on a startup plan with Intercom & Hubspot, and even though while they found those systems great, they realized that they were spending a massive amount of money (seeing bills of $5000/mo) for the value they got.

They started looking for other options, something to handle their customer success, plus the ability to manage marketing all together in one. They came across User.com - something that would solve their growth issues at a really great price point.

A look at the onboarding experience:

After chatting with the team and playing around with the User.com platform, they came away really impressed, and each of the teams signed off on the capabilities that the software would be able to work for them. They made the switch and got migrated over with the User.com support team, rebuilding all their Hubspot automations quickly to be up and running promptly.

They found the customer support team amazing, being able to migrate their previous setups and tweak and adjust features for improvements and reach higher conversion rates and get better support NPS scores.

They're pleased with their results so far - they feel their experiences with the software have been awesome for them - a great product and something that their team can confidently scale with to the future at a reasonable price point and recommend it to anyone looking for an all-in-one marketing and support solution.

What you get with User.com is a really great team that will be with you every step of the way. Thanks so much, User.com - Ya'll have been awesome and have built a great product, something our team can scale confidently on - I definitely recommend it if you're looking for an all-in-one solution at a good price point.

Dave Rogenmoser
CEO & Co-Founder, Jasper.ai
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