Improve traffic & increase sales

Take full advantage of push notifications to increase your traffic or to encourage your website visitors to return at no additional cost.
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Fully Customizable

Powered entirely by automation

Sending out notifications is easily automated, regardless if you need to send them only to a specific group of users.
“As the main retention leader responsible for churn, customization is everything and helps us with automations, and push notifications campaigns, to provide an amazing experience for our clients that they will stay with us throughout the whole process of passing public exams.”
Luizza Couto, Qconcursos
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Personalized Email

Always right target

Choose notification options while sending out your push messages to connect with only those who meet your specific criteria. Reach only those who want to be reached.
Filter, export, and drilldown on the data quickly
Save, schedule, and automate reports to your inbox
Connect the tools you already use with 100+ integrations

Send your first web push campaign today!

Boost your traffic with notifications to get them back.
✔ GDPR & CCPA-compliant  ✔ Dedicated Customer Support
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Personalized almost personal

Increase click-through rates with customer's attributes like first name or company in the content of the notification.
"We’ve found that marketing software often has a disconnect between the marketing cloud and integration within a product or an app, like push notifications, which can be incredibly valuable for our customers, and this is where is able to stand out."
Justin Wood, KRFTWRK
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Analytics Module

Add web push to your marketing strategy

Combine the entire package into omnichannel marketing: web push notifications, mobile push messages, emails, and text messages and drive a better customer experience.

Easy migration

Get started with our easy to use migration tool and switch to If you think you need some help, no worries, we can do it for you in a few minutes.
Standard Features

See what comes standard in

Powerful, self-serve email marketing to help you convert, engage, and retain more users. Trusted by thousands of companies.

Gmail Integration

Connect your inbox with and see al the emails you get from prospects right in their profile timelines.


In case you have your own SMTP, you can connect it with and send emails via our application.

Drag & Drop Builder

All you need to create email structure is to drag appropriate sections onto the canvas.

Email for all businesses

Send lead nurturing, onboarding or ecommerce emails. Regardless of your of business model your emails always hit the right target with the proper content.

Opens, clicks and unsubscribes

See who opens, clicks and unsubscribes from your emails. All this information is visible in user-profiles and can be used as a trigger for further automations.

A/B Tests

Send different versions of your email messages and get a report about their effectiveness.

Grow your business automatically

Don't waste time on repetitive tasks. Let automations handle it.
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