"User.com today for Qconcursos is so helpful, so important for the entire team, that we spend time to train all of our new product managers with the platform and to see the potential with using User.com, which for us is: Fast, Flexibility, Results."

Luizza Couto


“We first purchased User.com to do email marketing, but now we are continuing to notice that you help us in every single avenue, from sales, to automations, to even increasing our revenue, by helping us directly provide relevant content, which is win/win for everyone involved.”

Darrah Caughey

Marketing Automation Specialist

"We’ve been delighted working with User.com, even in the early stages together they were able to get double the results of our expectations with simple scenarios and workflows. Together and with such great specialists, our only limit is our imagination."

Kamil Rentflejsz

Digital & E-commerce Marketing Manager
LG Electronics

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