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7 Universal Customer Service Principles

Written by
Kinga Edwards
Published on
August 22, 2023
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The customer is at the center of it all, and they are your most precious asset.

In this article, we will examine seven customer service principles that every agency should adhere to in order to provide exceptional client experiences.

1. Define your customer service

Have you ever found yourself attempting to resolve an issue with a company or make an online purchase and notice that despite the best efforts of your customer-service representative - things did not go as planned? If so, then you're currently experiencing life as a member of this dynamic!

Despite all of these customer service principles being quite straightforward, making sure you keep them in mind could prove to be quite advantageous.

Here are some rules to keep in mind:

Ensure that each customer truly receives what they came for. Provide excellent customer service regardless of circumstance. Be honest with one another - it can only lead to greater profits. Always strive for resolving problems quickly and efficiently instead of allowing them linger on so that they might grow into something more substantial.

2. Prepare for every interaction with your customers — even simple ones

Do not overlook the mundane interactions with your customers when dealing with them. It is through these less-than-glamorous exchanges that they most emphatically demonstrate their true colors and reveal their true intentions.

Ensure that your correspondence with both existing and prospective clients is consistent, concise and clear. Don't allow any ambiguity or room for misinterpretation. Ensure that, even in "simple" interactions, you fully understand what they desire!

3. Ask yourself “Who is this customer?”

Are you an expert? Or do you lack relevant knowledge? This can be a critical question to ponder, as any organization must have someone who is knowledgeable in their industry.

There are myriad industries where there could be multiple specialists with different expertise. If your customer service team lacks one or more of these individuals, you'll need to create an arrangement that allows you to work together to address common concerns.

A customer-centric company cannot neglect the importance of discovering who their clients are and how they differ from one another. For instance, if we consider TD Bank as an example, you can discern that there exist a range of customers enrolled with this financial institution including individuals who open checking accounts as well as those seeking out fees for services such as financial planning or investing.

By understanding your customer base, it's possible to comprehend which group is most representative of all consumers in general. By doing so, the organization can then create customized solutions for them while at the same time provide more consistent quality across its operations.

ProTip: To learn more about your own customer base, periodically survey client feedback through online questions or even simple conversations.

4. Challenge the status quo — whether you’re an employee or a manager

It is often our personal comfort zones that prevent us from expanding. In order to operate at a higher level, we must be willing to venture outside of them and challenge the status quo; otherwise it will become difficult for us to adapt to new ideas or technologies such as client portals.

Effortlessly raising questions about your industry, sourcing new information, exploring conflicting opinions and obtaining alternative solutions can help in shifting perspectives and encouraging innovation beyond what might have been considered possible before.

Unquestioning acceptance of all things status quo has resulted in stagnant service industries like banking, health care and even retail. It's time for change! If you're not challenging this norm with your company, then chances are no one else is either!

5. The Golden Rule applies to your communication with customers and co-workers

In an age of social media and unyielding connectivity, it can be easy for us to neglect the importance of being genuine in our conversations. In fact, when we don't adhere to this principle of treating others as we would like to be treated ourselves - it could be quite detrimental.

The Golden Rule isn't just applicable in customer service; it is also a solid guiding principle for any kind of communication. This includes not only speaking with your coworkers but also conversing with customers about their concerns or questions. If you find yourself suddenly facing adversity at work (e.g., conflict arising over an issue), then it's essential that you remain conciliatory!

6. Embrace change — and make it happen yourself

In an industry that promises to change rapidly, it's inevitable that companies will be disrupted. But even if a business is aware that it must adapt and evolve with the times; this does not mean that they should abdicate the responsibility of maintaining quality operation or neglecting personal goals in favor of those of their enterprise.

Taking initiative here can prove advantageous: Not only are you ensuring that everyone's needs are being met effectively but also providing yourself with opportunities to enhance your professional portfolio.

7. Always treat every customer like a VIP

Whether it's a household project or an office endeavor, there will always be those clients who expect nothing less than perfection.

Certainly, you cannot obligate yourself to provide excellent customer service and preparation for the future. However, building rapport with anyone can prove beneficial when facing an unforeseen situation or emergency; providing personalized treatment is sure to reap rewards!

By treating every client as if they're a VIP, you'll demonstrate assurance and compassion in all interactions. This act of kindness will go a long way towards establishing trust and eliciting more favorable feelings from subsequent customers' experiences.


Are you aware of any instances when your company has failed to observe one of these precepts? If so, I hope it was not for long!

By implementing the 7 customer service principles, you can create a more congenial environment for your patrons. They will have an easier time resolving issues and creating long-term relationships with them.


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