Positive Group announces the acquisition of the software publisher User.com

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Positive Group continues its external growth strategy by formalizing its 4th acquisition in 2023. It is now the turn of the marketing platform User.com to join the group as the future flagship of an offer dedicated to key accounts and B2C companies. Positive Group asserts its ambition to meet the needs of this segment with a solution that perfectly matches the data expertise (CDP) of Marketing 1by1, integrated into the group a year ago.

Develop and expand User.com as a European leader

User.com has already won over more than 340 clients, including Carrefour, BNP Paribas and LG Electronics. The solution allows companies to improve their audience’s engagement by giving them a 360° vision on customer data.

User.com is an omnichannel marketing platform managing the entire customer journey and user interactions. The tool organizes, prioritizes, segments, and analyzes all transactional, behavioral, on-site and off-site data to create personalized experiences through marketing automation using all digital channels (email, SMS, chat, web push, mobile push, etc.).

Groupe Positive's ambition is to continue developing User.com across Europe. Firstly by launching the brand in countries where the group is already implemented - e.g. France, Germany and Italy. Then by pooling R&D resources from the group companies in order to enhance the platform functionalities.

Creating a dedicated team for the offer implementation

The original User.com team is based in Warsaw, Poland and counts more than 40 employees. To accelerate the deployment in Europe, Positive Group is strengthening its organization. Recruitments and nominations have already been made to support the group's ambitions:

-     Christophe Eblé is joining Positive Group as the group CTO to assist the synergies between the various products. With a background at Nexway, Gobeep, Happn, and Pooky, he brings over 20 years of experience in the digital industry and has played a crucial role multiple times in managing hyper-growth.

-    Julien Flandrois, ex Salesforce and Oracle, has joined the group as Key Account Manager with the ambition to pursue and accelerate the development of large, high-audience brands.

-  After 8 years as Sales Director at Sarbacane, Laurent Martel becomes Positive Group’s Head of Synergies to assist all brands within the group, particularly in the SMB segment.

-    Positive Group plans on recruiting 30 additional employees in 2024 to achieve its goals.


Already seven acquisitions for Positive Group

The group - with a €50-million turnover in 2023 - is pursuing its ambition to become the European digital marketing leader by 2026. The group's offer continues to expand once again. User.com joins the ranks of Positive Group alongside noCRM.io, Signitic, 4Dem, Marketing 1by1, Datananas, and Sarbacane.

“User.com was already a hyper growing company before this merger. We have major projects ahead of us in order to pursue and even accelerate this new offer development in the group. It’s a great pleasure to welcome User.com teams in our Positive Group tribe. We have a lot to bring to each other, in terms of experience, business and customer aspects, and that is the entire richness of this collaboration. This acquisition will mark the history of the group in the months to come”.

Mathieu Tarnus, Founder and CEO of Positive Group

“Under Positive Group, User.com will accelerate its development while staying loyal to its DNA. It is a convergence of values that will propel the platform to new heights.”

Grzegorz Warzecha, Founder of User.com

About Positive Group

Positive Group is a french software publisher dedicated to business communications and marketing, historically born from the development of Sarbacane, a key player in emailing in Europe since 2001. Based in Lille (France), the company has significantly expanded by gradually enlarging its catalog every year with a galaxy of solutions around its initial expertise in email marketing. The 300 employees of the group, spread across France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Poland, support more than 30,000 companies.

About User.com

Based in Warsaw, Poland, User.com is an “all-in-one” automation marketing solution. The software includes several tools designed for marketing, business and customer services. It enables businesses to manage and streamline all their customer journeys from a single platform. With a major growth in 2023, User.com assists more than 340 clients in the world.

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