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Growing community and connecting a brand to their most loyal customers with omni-communication.
Pablo Viera
Series & Movies Brand Sr. Manager at AMC
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“The team at has been critical in helping us turn massive amounts of scattered pieces of data into usable information to serve our brand and customers better.”

Pablo Viera
Series & Movies Brand Sr. Manager at AMC


AMC is a global brand and one of the top leaders in the broadcasting space internationally. No stranger to the television industry, they are producers for renowned shows such as Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Walking Dead, and Preacher, among other successful critically and other audience-wide acclaimed TV Series. helps the AMC team with unified communication and helps boost their AMC Club registrations for multiple regions internationally: Latin America, Europe, and parts of Africa. We’ve been able to help their teams on a massive scale and with numerous campaigns, connecting their brand and their customers.

One of the largest sales regions we’re focusing on in this case study is LATAM (Latin America). The team has been focusing on building brand awareness throughout their various digital clubs and helping them grow in each of their 24 LATAM countries represented, from Mexico to Chile, from Spanish, to Portuguese, to French, to many other smaller languages represented.

Challenges they’ve faced

With any television broadcast, it can be challenging to connect with who the specific watcher is. Here is where the team is running surveys and educational material to communicate with fans and those interested in more content. With additional research teams, they can turn surveys and contests into resourceful data points with marketing consent, grow into something more substantial, and drive community value.

With over 500k current fans in their clubs, with, they’ve been able to grow their local communities and build vital relationships to have better touchpoints increasing brand recognition and engagement, enhancing their reach.

Each user is based on large clusters of users from Latin America, Central & Western Europe and is defined by multiple attributes. AMC has at its disposal various channels like cooking, movie & entertainment channels. Thanks to they know what promotion each user was converting from, and what type of Club they are in. Later they send and convert these huge chunks of data into one place in the app and get a detailed analysis of them.


How helps

The most prominent case and ways they are finding success with the platform is the possibility of connecting their massive user base. Engaging their most loyal fans to the brand by helping them be more interactive with their various shows is vital for promoting upcoming and released films.

For each of the activities, they are set up with Marketing Automation, which can turn events into activity and convert massive amounts of data into tag clouds. This is also automated into rich information and digestible or engaging answers that can be quick and beneficial for the producers, and the rest of the team on a marketing capacity as well as offering new shows or reruns in countries that would be super interested in it.

AMC is using the full range of what offers, from Popups, Marketing Automation, SMS Marketing, and many of the products (as well as new features that will be announced in the future) were and are being built with the team in mind.

Experimenting with features

There can be thirty thousand answers to questions to start with for any given contest, and wading through results at that scale can be a full-time job for an entire team. is able to simplify the entire process turning these data points into events and helping them process and distill down to the best potential winners without losing the rest of the data for use in the future.

Another recent campaign was when the team planned a remote event to celebrate the 20th anniversary of EL GOURMET - One of the top cooking shows, and help people feel connected and “together” with the show regardless of the pandemic’s lockdown situation. Thanks to the marketing team and the power of segmentation of data - they were able to connect 20 people from various regions who were also celebrating their birthday, plus their interests, and send these people a half cake split between them and their favorite person to share, and filmed the event and results of them celebrating.

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“Thanks to the marketing power of segmentation at, we’ve been able to find great success with swimming into data and separating between interests, cities, and more to create high value.”

Pablo Viera
Series & Movies Brand Sr. Manager at AMC
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