How an email verification service leverages marketing automation to be much closer to their customers.
Izabela Harbarczyk
Growth Catalyst & Content Creator at Bouncer
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With our automated re-engagement campaigns we see Open Rates at the level of 40% each month. As our pricing is based on actual app usage, this helps us a lot in increasing sales.”

Izabela Harbarczyk
Growth Catalyst & Content Creator at Bouncer


Bouncer is a user-friendly application for email verification. It helps check the quality of your email lists, identifies incorrect email addresses and thus let you increase Open Rates as well as improve your reputation as a campaigns’ sender.


Challenges they faced:

At the beginning of 2020 the Bouncer team were using a few separate applications for different purposes – email sending tool, drip campaign software, live chat, CRM, to name a few. They had different user data in different systems and were extremely frustrated with the fact they weren't able to fully focus on their customers. Different team members were responsible for different communication channels and applications and it was impossible to have a single and complete history of a user’s interactions with their brand.

How the team finds success using

With Bouncer has been able to send the right message to the right user at the very best moment. How is that possible?

Thanks to Advanced user tracking and Segmentation the Bouncer team have been able to track the whole users’ journey and all interactions with their company. With it has been easy and intuitive to divide their incoming leads into 3 main segments: Low-value prospects, High-value prospects and Marketing agencies.

Using Email campaigns and Automations they created an engaging onboarding drip campaign that, owing to the tracking and nicely set-up segmentation, has a few different scenarios and has been personalized for the key user segments. Another example of a successful application of emails are the Bouncer re-engagement campaigns. After 30 and 90 days of customer’s inactivity they send personalized winback email and try to make users actively use their software again. On top of that, they also send single email campaigns from time to time to inform customers about updates and special offers.


For everyday support activities they use Live chat – it is active only inside the Bouncer application and not on the main website, which is super useful for a team with a limited number of support agents. They also see Conversations very helpful as it’s possible to quickly find a conversation with a given user and get an overview of their profile and history without leaving the conversation’s thread. Also, a handy tool for the Bouncer team is a Popup builder. They display popups in order to inform about promotions or encourage blog readers to subscribe.

Soon they’re planning to start using Push notifications. As the company will further grow in the future, they’re as well interested in implementing the Ticketing system – to better manage the customers’ enquiries and issue solving process.

When they were starting with the platform not everything was easy at first sight. However, with the help of very responsive and friendly support agents, the Bouncer team could quickly learn and get used to new software.

What they achieved so far:

Since Bouncer implemented, they’ve been much closer to their customers, which had been one of the most crucial goals for them. They are now able to communicate with customers just in time, identify their needs in advance and provide support as they need it. What is more, the whole team have now access to all important data from a single place, which eliminated mistakes, decreased misinformation and saves Bouncer about 2 hours each day!

As originally they were looking for a platform mainly for their inbound activities, they didn’t need all the functions included in However, thanks to a variety of features under one roof, with time they noticed wonderful additional possibilities and have been able to successfully implement new marketing tactics.

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Thanks to, with our business growing 500% YoY, we managed to keep conversion rates and customer satisfaction at the high levels. It’s been a huge help while scaling our business!”

Izabela Harbarczyk
Growth Catalyst & Content Creator at Bouncer
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