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How Burda Media Poland has used user.com to provide customers with personalized content and increase customer engagement.
Agnieszka Soja
CRM Expert at Burda Media Poland
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Using the previous tool allowed us to achieve OR up to 10%, but only after working a few months with user.com experts it grew up to 13%. We accomplishes it thanks to the support, experience, and knowledge of User.com experts as well as the great will and ambitions of our own Burda Media Poland team.

Agnieszka Soja
CRM Expert at Burda Media Poland


Burda Media Poland for over 30 years has been passionately developing the media market, meeting the ever-changing technological and content expectations of recipients of all ages. It is the only company to have a complete thematic portfolio of over 60 products, including warehouses and the latest digital products. They are also a publisher of best-selling books, children's collections, Custom Publishing magazines and an organizer of prestigious events. Every month, they reach over 23 million people with the unique content they create.

Challanges they faced:

It all started over a year ago. The Burda Media Poland team used separate tools for sending web-push messages as well as emails and a CRM. These tools were not configured with each other. The team needed a solution that would allow them to collect and store all customer's data in one place, to get to know them and understand their needs much better, to be able to personalize content and communicate with them through multiple channels.They have heard a lot of good things about user.com beforehand, and after the first meetings with our specialists, they got to know that all of this was true. The Burda Media Poland team was delighted with the openness to their needs, which were specified as part of the world’s largest media company.

How User.com helps:

To achieve their business goals the Burda Media Poland team has been using:

CDP & Segmentation - Based on the user's activity, User.com helps collect all the information as useful data, and segment users based on interests, answers, and more to unite with their audience in the most effective way. Customers are added to or removed from campaign shipment segments. All data is stored in one single place- a Customer Data Platform which user.com is, and the Burda Media Poland team has the opportunity to see the whole history of customer interactions, buying habits and past purchases

Email marketing - The Burda Media Poland team is segmenting visitors and then sending out aesthetically pleasing emails based on website touchpoints to engage and increase sales. Thanks to the A/B tests module the Burda Media Poland team sends different versions of their email messages and gets a report about their effectiveness.
To preparing e-mail campaigns they use the drag and drop creator. The Burda Media Poland team admits that it is simple and intuitive, and there is no need to know the HTML.
They use simple campaigns mostly for sending newsletters, invitations for their upcoming events and information about the newest articles.
The Burda Media Poland team also uses more complex and automatic emails like:

- welcome and come back campaigns
The Burda Media Poland team has prepared a special automatic onboarding campaign for its new subscribers. It includes a welcome e-mail and an explanation of what content and messages the user can expect to receive based on chosen magazine's subscription
If the user does not perform any activity for the next 30 following days, he receives an automatic message encouraging him to do so. As an incentive they are sending discount codes and bestseller recommendations.

- abandoned carts and pages
If it should happen that after adding products to the cart the user leaves the store's website without finalizing the transaction, he is added to the list of users to whom the e-mail campaign is sent with a reminder and an incentive-a discount code- to return to the store.
If users have viewed product subpages, but have left the store without adding a product to the cart, then an email with these products or pages is sent to them. The campaign aims to encourage the user to return to the store and make a purchase.
All automations are created in the visual drag & drop automation creator consisting of 76 modules, which responds as much as it is possible on the Burda Media Poland team needs and allows them to take full advantage on that feature. They admit, that thanks to that only their imagination is the limit when creating automations paths

Web-pushes are the main source of the traffic. The Burda Media Poland team and our specialists managed to transfer almost the entire customer base to user.com from the previously used tool. Now work is underway to reactivate the users in it. In the future, communication via this channel will be developed to best meet customer expectations, and to be able to communicate recent happenings, share the trends and articles. Consents for sending web-pushes are also collected via user.com.
The Burda Media Poland team is using web pushes to inform users about discounts codes for subscribers of Kultowy, their official store.

Pop-ups – a simple and efficient way to inform users about the newest articles and encourage
them to sign up for a newsletter. Pop ups are displayed especially on subpages advertised in Google Ads. Thanks to that they are achieving great results.

What they achieved so far and looking into the future:

First of all, the Burda Media Poland team is pleased that User.com is connected and compliant with their GDPR processes on their website.Thanks to user.com, they do not have to worry that the message sent by them will be sent to a person who does not consent to it. The Burda Media Poland team makes sure that their communication reaches the right people and is effective and engaging. The Burda Media Poland team is also delighted with the automation paths. Click to open rate is pushed up to 26% within automatic email statistics and CTR for the Kultowy magazine reaches a satisfying 11%.What makes the Burda Media Poland team particularly happy is the noticeable increase in customer engagement. The average OR for emails increased to 13%, depending on the site. When they used the previous tool the average OR stagnated at only 10%. Thanks to the support, experience, and knowledge of user.com experts, as well as the great will and ambitions of the Burda Media Poland team - the results will be even better in the future.

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We really appreciate that experts from User.com make every effort to ensure that the system meets our requirements and have a client-centric approach in further product development.

Agnieszka Soja
CRM Expert at Burda Media Poland
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