How a DEX has used to increase engagement using anonymous users personalization.
Konrad Mroczek
Chief Marketing Officer at Coinswap
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Thanks to the implemented solutions, we observe an increase in the engagement of our community. The chatbot placed on the website alone is used by over 100 unique users per week, and in the last 3 months it has answered almost 20,000 questions.

Konrad Mroczek
Chief Marketing Officer at Coinswap


Coinswap is a DEX with a suite of products available in the Decentralized Finance Environment. It is the perfect ecosystem for automated liquidity that is provisioned in the BNB Chain, incentivizing community for their efforts to the AMM model.

Challenges they faced:

Although Coinswap has been on the market for less than a year, it releases new functionalities with admirable speed and efficiency, providing its users with the highest quality services. The Coinswap team plans its next steps based on analyzes and research. Analyzing the market experience, they noticed the need of developing the customer service process within the application and the community. Their goal is to build a friendly decentralized platform not only for experts, but also for beginners in the world of crypto. In order to meet this challenge, the Coinswap team has taken a number of steps, including the creation of a decentralized application. The next step was to design the onboarding process, which, taking into account the level of advancement of the user, would enable him to go through the next steps from setting up a wallet to making a crypto purchase.

How they’ve found their way to

After identifying their needs, the Coinswap team turned to the Rite NRG team, who as their technology partner also provides them with substantive support and successfully delivered the solutions they needed. Rite NRG is Swedish-Polish company specialised in Software Development (consultants, teams, projects). And this time, he did not disappoint their trust, properly diagnosing the need for a marketing automation tool. As a strategic technology partner, Rite NRG recommended as the best known tool on the market used by industry leaders. has a lot under one roof-from e-mail marketing, user profiling, sales management, to A / B testing and advanced automation. Rite NRG has already tested himself, using, among others, CRM, e-mail marketing module and meeting calendar.
As it turned out, fully met the expectations set for him by both the Rite NRG and Coinswap teams. and Coinswap integration

The use of a marketing automation tool in the crypto industry turned out to be so innovative that the and Rite NRG team spent many hours of meetings on planning the integration and designing the data structure. Rite NRG has become a link between the Coinswap and team, taking care of the information flow and responsible for the technical implementation of the tool, as well as the creation of an appropriate team. The marketing team outsourced by Rite NRG, in cooperation with the expert, analyzed the existing sales funnel and designed solutions suitable for IDO projects. A dedicated expert also provided support and advice on integration, including in properly prepared documentation information about the API and the structure of API requests, endpoints, and what data should be sent on the frontend and on the backend. The Rite NRG team was responsible for integrating the and Coinswap platforms. On the Coinswap platform, it was enough to add scripts to connect the two platforms and automatically gain access to the functionality of the tool.

How helps:

Anonymous users personalization

The challenge faced by the teams was to design a solution that would provide users with personalized onbarding content while taking care of their preferences and the will to remain anonymous. There was a question - is it really necessary to obtain an e-mail as an identifier of the so-called user_ID of individual users. While using it is a popular practice when automating your marketing communications, it was out of the question for Coinswap. Users do not need to provide their e-mail address to be able to make a transaction so the Coinsap team did not have and did not collect them, as there was no such need. Together with Coinswap and Rite NRG, we broke this rule and provided users with a personalized onboarding process without having to provide personal information such as e-mail address, first name, etc. In the world of cryptocurrencies, everyone is anonymous and together we want to abide by these practices.
The user ID can contain numbers, letters, and special characters. This feature was used by the Coinswap team, Rite NRG and, establishing the address of a wallet consisting of a long string of numbers as an ID.
Thus, the user obtains the anonymity he or she desires, while at the same time being able to provide him with personalized communication on the basis of his activities saved on the attributes in the application.

User experience management center

The Coinswap team has many plans for the future. The world has already seen one of them - Space Travel Luxury, a booking service, however, enriched with the possibility of paying with cryptocurrency. Currently, is integrated with the Coinswap website and mobile application, and in the future it will also stay with Travel Luxury. All this so that the team can create a user experience management center, a single data source based on which it will direct unique and personalized communication to them.
The data that is currently stored in the system is the user ID in the form of a wallet address, the current MetaMask connection status, email address and name and surname, geolocation and information that was left by the user in the form of a reply in the chatbot along with the level of advancement of his knowledge.

Chatbot- innovation in DEX

While the chatbot is not new in itself and is rather a standard in customer service, adding it to the Decentralized Exchange (DEX) website is unique. The technology behind the chatbot is off-chain. Data on activity and activities are not part of the main blockchain and are not stored in the network, which means that under normal circumstances a chatbot is not able to link a specific user with his activity - the status of a wallet. However, by setting the wallet address as the user ID, both teams gained the possibility of on-chain identification and maintaining the continuity of the conversation.
Thanks to the chatbot support, each user has the opportunity to go through the onboarding process. The Coinswap team, in cooperation with the expert, has prepared three individual paths introducing you to the world of crypto and the use of the platform for both advanced beginners and experts. Each of them has been developed based on the identified most common problems encountered by users. After opening the chat window, the system identifies the user to be able to match one of them to him. Currently, the user qualifies his advancement himself. In the future, this process will be automated. If the system identifies that the user does not yet have a wallet, then it will receive instructions and tips prepared for beginners regarding, among others, BNP, how to purchase a token to be able to participate in an IDO, how to get it or how to check its condition. However, if he already has a wallet and has already done some activities in the system, the chatbot will guide him through the advanced or expert path.
This is to ensure the greatest possible value for the user and the best possible experience during his journey through the world of crypto. To make it easier for him to move around the platform, the possibility of automatic opening of the page in the next tab, for which the user asked during the conversation with the chatbot, was introduced, e.g. BNP or MetaMask.


From the very first day, the chatbot enjoyed great interest and commitment. Thanks to its structure, the Coinswap team can easily check the user distribution according to the level of advancement of their knowledge, the number of chatbot openings, determine how often users want to talk to a customer service employee, how many users complete the onboarding path, and how many only half way.
As it turned out, the Coinswap team accurately defined its target group. The vast majority of chatbot users are beginners, people previously not related to the world of crypto.


The daily chatbot also significantly facilitates the work of the customer service department. Thanks to the identification of the MetaMask connection status and its current update right after logging in, the agent taking over the conversation in order to further support the user obtains information about his activity. Data and information left by the user during the chat conversation are sent directly to the system, thanks to which the Coinswap team also obtains a 360-degree overview of the activities of individual users.
In the future, the team plans to introduce the possibility of linking the e-mail address with the user's wallet. However, this process will be conducted in full compliance with the user's preferences. Users will remain as anonymous as possible.

Web push

This is another channel that the Coinswap team wants to develop in communication with users. The web-push script has already been implemented on the platform and users can subscribe. Push notifications are combined with user identification, thanks to which the team will be able to personalize the messages sent in the future.


The first campaign was sent to the already registered users. As the Coinswap team emphasizes, its effectiveness is at a good level, but they expect better results as they create automated campaigns based on segmentation based on the user's advancement level.

What they achieved so far and looking into the future:

With the support of the RiteNRG team and the expert, the Coinswap team has achieved its main goal - it actively builds and engages the community around its platform.
Every week, the chatbot located on the website is used by over 100 unique users, and in the last 3 months it has answered almost 20,000 questions.
Together with and Rite NRG, it sets new standards of customer service that few in the crypto industry can boast of. And this is not the end. The involvement of was not incidental, so today we are jointly setting out plans for further development.

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None of the existing DEXs have the same high standard of customer service as we do at Coinswap. We can safely say that we owe it not only to our team, but also to the experts at Their support at every stage - from the implementation of the tool to the implementation of individual solutions was invaluable.

Konrad Mroczek
Chief Marketing Officer at Coinswap
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