How to improve the effectiveness of SaaS sales development activities?
Rafael Hasson
CEO & Founder at ConnectPlug
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"When Intercom raised the price more than threefold almost overnight, we could no longer go with it. With we kept the features we needed and gained access to additional tools that we’d love to test out and implement in the future."

Rafael Hasson
CEO & Founder at ConnectPlug


ConnectPlug (CPlug) is a Brazilian SaaS company offering comprehensive administration and order management software for small and medium businesses. Their product is a POS system created especially for hospitality (restaurants, bars, cafes) and retail companies. CPlug solution covers tools that can have a wide variety of business applications – POS operator interface, tablets of self-service kiosks, cashiers, digital menus and ordering through tablets, kitchen orders management, mobile app for managers, financial transactions management, to name a few. Their software can be defined as a full ecosystem of solutions for data collection and order management.

Challenges they faced:

CPlug team needed tools that would help their sales development representatives react in real time and at the very exact moment of customer journey, which in the result would improve their conversion rate. As they put much emphasis on proactive sales development, they were especially interested in a solution that would enable them to track user behaviour and quickly communicate with potential leads.

Prior to the CPlug team were using Intercom. However, after their subscription price had more than tripled, they started to look for the best alternative that would combine similar functions and reliable pricing policy.


Goals they want to achieve with

The most important business goal for CPlug team was to enable their sales development representatives to send chat messages to website users in real time. Also, they wanted to keep their multichannel approach and give customers many options of getting in touch if they need any kind of support. Apart from that, CPlug was interested in tools that would help them increase customer engagement and satisfaction.

How helps:

To support their sales team members in approaching leads easily just-in-time and collect additional information pieces, they use:

- Live chat – their users can reach out at any time or, when a user performs a given action, like for example visiting a particular page, a CPlug sales development representative can easily send out a message to that user via chat at the right time

- Chatbot – at the moment the CPlug team are using a commercial bot that interacts with users and, by asking a few simple questions, collects their contact details. They’re also developing a more complex bot – customer support chatbot – that would be able to solve some basic issues their users may have.

In order to engage customers and increase their satisfaction they created an automated onboarding email campaign. In a series of emails sent according to a predefined time sequence they help their trial users get along with the CPlug software and provide them with useful tips.


What they achieved so far:

With tools the CPlug team have managed to improve the everyday work of their sales development team. They are using different customer communication features as a perfect complementary element of all sales activities.

In addition, they have noticed that thanks to sending automated email campaigns signed by their CEO, their customers felt better taken care of and reported higher satisfaction.

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"With we kept the all the features we needed and gained access to additional tools, and our customers felt better taken care of and showed that with higher NPS scores."

Rafael Hasson
CEO & Founder at ConnectPlug
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