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How cyber_Folks has used to provide customers with valuable content and improve their experience.
Artur Pajkert
Head od Marketing at cyber_Folks
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Thanks to and pop-ups being displayed at the right time, to the right people and on the right pages with the right content we’ve achieved a CTR of up to 16%.

Artur Pajkert
Head od Marketing at cyber_Folks


cyber_Folks is a hosting provider offering its users such services as web hosting, domains, dedicated servers, VPS servers and SSL certificates. Thanks to the great customer service, cyber_Folks have been trusted by thousands of people. Support personnel are not just ordinary consultants working on the hotline or as professional administrators but also enthusiasts who will tell you how to install WordPress quickly and smoothly and then help you to configure it so that it opens in a blink of an eye. They believe that the greatest value are people - employees of their company, their customers, and the customers of their customers. Therefore, in addition to providing hosting services, they want to inspire them by passing on their passion for technology and providing them with the appropriate knowledge and tools to achieve the best results. So far, 30,000 people have signed up for their webinars and even more downloaded their educational ebooks!

Challenges they faced:

Due to the rapid growth and development, there was the need for cyber_Folks to introduce a marketing automation tool. They already knew that such systems had great potential, although up to this point they took advantage of their own custom solutions. What they needed was the ease of implementation and an intuitive interface so even marketers without technical skills will cope with the tool. They found all of this at and they admitted that saving time with our tool is the greatest value. Now they need only a few clicks to get the expected result, while in the past they spent hours on coding.

How helps:

Since the goal of cyber_Folks is not only to sell the services offered but also to educate users, they chose the appropriate tools for this within the app. To achieve them the cyber_Folks team has been using:

Dashboards - The cyber_Folks team analyzes in detail the user's behavior on their website due to extensive analytics- dashboards and statistics. Thanks to them, the team can see which automation processes are most common, what their efficiency is, how visitor tracking works out and how fast their newsletter database grows. They can also check the level of conversion and registration processes.

Pop-ups - Thanks to pop-ups, the cyber_Folks team not only encourages its customers to buy their services, read the blog and subscribe to the newsletter, but also inform them about crucial facts. Once, when Google changed some settings there were so many questions about it from customers via chat that it was challenging to answer them one by one. The cyber_Folks team prepared a special pop-up and after displaying it the support team had much less work to do on chat and at the same time all customers were pleased because they got to know what they needed. Through, the cyber_Folks team control the entire system of pop-ups on the website so they are displayed at the right time, to the right people and on the right pages.

Email campaigns - team is using simple campaigns for sending newsletters. Before taking advantage of they were sending simple campaigns. Now they are not only more complex, but also automatic.
The cyber_Folks team cares a lot about an overall positive customer experience so they have prepared a few automations paths, which impressed even ourselves. Here is some of them:

Download E- book
The cyber_Folks team is happy to share their knowledge. On their website you can find a lot of valuable materials. One of them are e-books. Downloading the e-book and expressing marketing consent starts the automation. The user receives an e-mail with a link to chosen content and in the next few days, interesting emails reminding him about reading it and checking if he actually had read it.

New user’s onboarding
When logging in, the user is asked to complete a survey. On its basis, segmentation is made differentiating customers who have already used hosting and customers for whom it is a completely new issue. The automatic onboarding of each of them will be unlike The customer who is a first timer starter in terms of hosting and domain will receive more introductional information and the customer, who is looking for another provider will receive emails with more advanced knowledge.

A/B tests - thanks to this module, the cyber_Folks team sends different versions of their email messages and gets a report about their effectiveness. This module lets them run A/B tests, or just split users traffic into two paths. The cyber_Folks team compares the conversion rate between people who received a given message and those who got another one and checks which one brings better results and if it's more engaging for their users.

CRM – The central repository of user data collects not only every attribute, but also unlimited types of events. Thanks to that the cyber_Folks team has an opportunity to store data like the location and information about the device, page views, and all of the events and the whole history of communication.

What they achieved so far and looking into the future:

cyber_Folks it's not only about technology, but also about people. They try to bring the greatest value to their clients. Each of their activities is performed with the customer/ user - visiting their website - in mind. It helps them to achieve their goals.Thanks to pop-ups being displayed at the right time, to the right people and on the right pages with the right content they achieve a CTR even up to 16%.Because the customers and their positive experience are particularly important to the cyber_Folks team, they analyze the campaign results to meet their customers expectations even better.Thanks to this -by sending one of the email campaigns using the A / B testing module- they found out which content was more engaging and made the CTR twice as high as the CTR of the opposing mail.

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I am very impressed with how efficiently's support works and how quickly it solves every technical problem, even the most complicated ones. We provide services in the programming industry ourselves and I know that achieving it is not so easy.

Artur Pajkert
Head od Marketing at cyber_Folks
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