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Sahith Krishna
Head of Inbound Marketing at Exotel
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"At Intercom nothing was so automated, we didn’t have capabilities to set up automations easily, and there were no great ways to build flows, or even update agents. Everything was extra we had to pay for whatever else we wanted in addition to what we already had."

Sahith Krishna
Head of Inbound Marketing at Exotel

Company details:

Exotel is a telecommunications cloud platform for all sorts of businesses from around the world, with a key focus in Asia. With their API, they help companies devise their unique communication flows, and consider themselves to be a versatile and flexible communications software.

There are two primary use cases that people tend to fall into while using their software -

The first is a dashboard platform. Customers can log in, make calls to clients as well send SMS messages. The platform is easy to use and can get set up very quickly for any business, which tends to be more accessible for companies who want to have an easy to use call center that their agents can hop on and make calls.

The second is their API, where they can bypass the physical framework limitations and set up things into the cloud, where customers need an on-demand virtual number to quickly connect and call a client or customer, like connecting customers to their uber driver.

One of the main problems they are solving is decreasing the dependence of businesses on physical infrastructure. If customers need to make calls, they usually need to have some routing system in place, but with Exotel, they don’t need to have any equipment set up, no wires or cables to be able to make calls and connections. Companies don’t need to buy and incur huge setup costs to become operational.


Problem & Solution

Prior to User.com, Exotel had been using a range of different services and tools, from Intercom with live chat to Popup builder, to Kissmetrics for dashboards that were difficult for the team to set up or understand.

Using User.com first made everything more uniform on a single platform, which saved time and resources, all these extra features that they had to pay in addition were something that was already built into the product and ran seamlessly.

With their team that works in the system, they’re able to add new agents, run them through the tool once, show them how the automations work, and where see the messages are. They can understand easily and be able to use the software competently, just by helping them know where items are and how to find anything.

For the sales team, it was easy for them to get on the specific module they need to manage the challenges much more straightforward, and also show them the user behavior on the website. Kissmetrics was only able to show some behavior, but with User.com, they were able to understand their lead potential better; what the user was doing - with all the timestamps and data-rich information on users while they were browsing.

How User.com helps

Exotel has set up in place automations to connect with new people while they’re still in the user dashboard - something essential for their location, to convert while super fresh - which has turned out to be something successful for their business.

Connecting and growing user leads by giving access to their quality resources has also shown to be beneficial. When they get someone to download one of their prepared materials, they can easier convert that user by putting them through a nurturing automation to recommend them items in the future.

Email Marketing - The team at Exotel have set up and run many campaigns. They send out both regular newsletters that update clients to what’s going on in the development process, but also drip campaigns for lost customers, setting them up with remarketing, that will help them learn and develop with to potentially use the product in the future.

Lost Automations - This is an automation they have set up to connect to prior lost leads. If for some reason, they have lost the customer, they put them through the process of additional nurture to see how they could convert them in the future and often get replies back from customers with great responses that prove to be a useful process.

Goals & Achievements

Product adoption has increased with new signups, getting responses in the dashboard during the onboarding process has been beneficial, as well as the possibility of sending unread chat messages to email.

By triggering agent notifications at additional dashboard visits later on, they were able to help provide more information to their sales agents in their calls with the users for better conversations and an overall clearer onboarding experience.

Engagement via chat has also improved, and they are experimenting with the chatbot automations. Once deployed, they hope it was able to save time by making the chat less of a burden for the agents.

In reflection to the bots pushing a demo, the sales team can see a direct increase in the numbers of demos that are being scheduled, as well as in connection to the company’s growth.

Drip campaigns have also shown consistent growth, as well as pretty good deliverability, open and clickthrough rates, something they’re looking at the improvements over time.

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With User.com we're able to connect with leads while they're still in the dashboard, and convert them while they're super fresh. If they don't convert right away we are able to put them through the process of nuturing giving them prepared materials to convert in the future.

Sahith Krishna
Head of Inbound Marketing at Exotel
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