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How a shipping & tech company has used User.com to activate customers and increase revenue with automated campaigns.
Aleksandra Salamon
Marketing Specialist at Furgonetka
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“With User.com we replaced a number of different tools with a powerful all-in-one platform. Having everything inside a single application saves us a significant amount of time and makes cooperation between teams smooth and efficient.”

Aleksandra Salamon
Marketing Specialist at Furgonetka


Furgonetka is a Polish shipping & delivery company that was set up in 2010. Through their intuitive online platform individuals and companies can quickly get the quote from different courier companies, compare the offers and easily send their package. Furgonetka covers both domestic and international shipping. In 2016 the company launched another platform – Furgonetka Giełda – which is an e-marketplace that connects people who need to send items of non-standard shapes and sizes with carriers offering such services. On top of that, Furgonetka is also a tech company that provides software, automation and tech solutions for the logistics, delivery and shipping industry as well as for any online businesses that offer delivery services to their customers (like for example ecommerce stores, marketing agencies, publishers and others).

Challanges they faced:

In 2019 Furgonetka was looking for tools that would help them reduce churn and better take care of their customers. The Furgonetka team were aware that a big number of customers used their service only once and never came back. It wasn’t unusual for an online platform offering shipping services to B2B and B2C clients, but they wanted to find effective ways of getting in touch with such customers and encouraging them to use their platform again.

At that time Furgonetka was using a couple of applications to take care of different aspects of their marketing and support activities, which wasn’t the most effective and caused difficulties in terms of smooth flows of data between the tools. The team were considering a few marketing automation platforms but following a short testing phase they at the end went for User.com.

How User.com helps:

The main goal Furgonetka wanted to achieve with User.com was setting up effective activation and win-back activities. As many customers used to make one-off purchases only, they assumed it’d be useful to act in two areas:

  1. Create a seamless onboarding process and thus help new customers understand how Furgonetka works and, at the same time, take the first step towards creating a relationship between them and the company.
  2. Set up a process that would increase the number of customers who come back and make another purchase (reduce churn).

The Furgonetka team started with enriching user data automatically tracked by User.com with additional information . They created a big number of custom user attributes and events that fire at different stages of the customer journey. They very much focused on all the actions a user takes in relation to sending a package – they configured a bulk of events related solely to that stage, which in turn let them track every single action and save this information inside the User.com application.

When they had all crucial user steps tracked and covered, it was the right moment to think about the best ways to communicate with their customers. Furgonetka decided to focus on email campaigns – they set up a drip onboarding campaign which is a series of automated and personalized emails sent every few days after a user creates an account in their platform. In addition, they set up reminder emails where they encourage customers to come back to their platform, after they’ve been inactive for a given period of time.


The team also use email marketing tool for educational and marketing campaigns as well as to inform their users about special initiatives or offers and to collect customer feedback. With the help of automations , they send NPS campaigns and ask selected users to share their opinion about the platform, their overall experience as well as the quality of the calls with the customer service team. Users are automatically tagged, depending on their reaction or answer.

To improve user engagement and move users further down the funnel after they showed a purchase intent, Furgonetka created a few pop-ups. The majority of them are displayed on their blog, when a user reads a given post or looks for particular information. Here is an example of a pop-up that appears when a user reads an article about sending packages abroad.


Within the next couple of months, Furgonetka is going to analyze how they can leverage other modules of User.com app – they’re mainly interested in Analytics. and Dashboards. tools – to further improve their processes and be able to make right decisions in even shorter time.


What they achieved so far and looking into the future:

One of the key achievements Furgonetka is extremely happy about is the fact that they successfully replaced a set of different tools with an all-in-one User.com platform.

Also, the automated onboarding and customer reactivation processes contributed to higher conversion rates and increased revenue. Upon registering an account users get short emails with links to helpful resources and step-by-step guidelines, which makes the whole package sending process much more intuitive. At the same time, customers who made their first purchase but then have been inactive for a longer time, receive regular reminders with useful tips and interesting content, that brings them back to the platform and increases a number of users making recurring purchases (reduced churn).

The Furgonetka team are now working together with the User.com marketing automation expert ( Premium Assistance ) on setting up more complex email campaigns based solely on users behavior. The aim is to provide even more personalized experience and react to a given action taken by a user immediately and in the most effective way possible. Those new automated campaigns will cover, among others, the following use cases:

  • Encouraging people who have already sent a given number of packages but still haven’t engaged much with the platform (for example – haven’t created any templates).
  • Encouraging active customers to download a mobile app – emails include different links, depending on the operational system used by a user.
  • Email campaigns sent to users who have successfully sent their package with a given carrier – the content differs depending on a courier company they selected.

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“We’re particularly proud of automated onboarding and customer reactivation campaigns. They contributed to higher conversions and increased revenues.”

Aleksandra Salamon
Marketing Specialist at Furgonetka
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