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How a SaaS company enabled the marketing team to run successful campaigns with 0 involvement of IT department
Marta Piotrowiak
Marketing Specialist at HeySpace
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“Now I can plan, prepare, execute, manage and evaluate different marketing campaigns fully on my own – I no longer need to wait for ‘some free time’ of our developers. Automations, ease-of-use and time saving – this is what User.com is about.”

Marta Piotrowiak
Marketing Specialist at HeySpace


HeySpace is a task management software. It combines intuitive project management features, calendar and team communication tools. It can be easily integrated with other useful team management and cooperation apps like TimeCamp, Trello or Zapier, to name a few.

Challenges they faced:

As HeySpace was growing, they needed a comprehensive set of tools to carry out marketing activities and analyze user behavior in the app and on their company website. First, they started to use Intercom but after some time they realized with User.com they can have a platform with all the features they want and at a much lower price. Before the switch to User.com, they tested a few other tools – HelpCrunch, which was nice for customer support activities but has very limited application to marketing or sales, and SALESmanago, which didn’t meet their expectations.


Goals they want to achieve with User.com:

The main objective they had was to improve their email marketing – generate a high quality subscriber base, create branded content and messages quickly and send out campaigns easily. An important aspect for HeySpace was that they wanted to fully eliminate the involvement of their developers from the marketing activities. They hoped their marketing team would be able to carry out efficient campaigns and run projects on their own, from A to Z.

In addition, HeySpace was aiming at optimizing the work of their customer support team.

How User.com helps:

To reorganize and improve their marketing and customer support processes, the HeySpace team have been using:

Live chat – it is a key communication channel and an easy way of reaching out for their clients, prospects and visitors interested in the HeySpace app. The team has set up a few chat automations that have been performing extremely well:

- Automatic chat message – sent to everyone that enters the pricing page and stays there at least for a while. It is a simple question whether they need any help. HeySpace noted that the majority of users receiving the message reply to it and get more engaged.

- Autoresponder – a great feature that is easy to set up and helps when the customer support agents are out of office.

Aggregators– thanks to this module they are able to count event occurrences per user, for a given user segment or for the whole contacts base. It is very useful for running additional analysis, HeySpace especially values the possibility to analyze the total sum of event occurrences at the level of a single user.

Email campaigns – they send both campaign types – simple and automated. Simple emails are mainly used to send newsletters, product & feature updates and special offers. One of the email campaigns they are very proud of is an automated onboarding campaign. The onboarding campaign is triggered by new app registration. From a sequence of a number of emails sent every couple of days recipients have a chance to get to know the platform details, access interesting educational content and are encouraged to start a free trial. The HeySpace team created a few different campaign scenarios – which one will be sent to a given user depends on their individual behavior in the app and on the website.


Popups – it’s a tool HeySpace uses to inform their website visitors about special deals.

Knowledge base – thanks to this module, they set up a self-service educational platform with content and FAQ helpful for the HeySpace app users.


Dashboards – they are using dashboards inside User.com to have convenient access to overview of customer support work and track the efficiency of different team members. In addition, they analyze how the number of chat messages sent by a given support agent changes over time.

What they achieved so far:

Thanks to User.com the HeySpace marketing specialists are now able to run their projects 100% independently, without any support from the developers – it is an important step forward in the process of work optimization in the whole team. What they are really happy about is the fact that Use.com tools are intuitive, easy-to-configure and nice to work with for people with no coding skills.

Having a single source of truth about users, they very much improved the quality and speed of their customer support. With quick access to detailed overview and the full history of interactions in a user profile they are able to provide personalized support. Also, based on the past communication and behaviour of a user, their support agents can usually predict what problems the user may have in the near future and react accordingly in advance. One of the features they find extremely useful and that saves a decent amount of time for support agents is a possibility to search for knowledge base articles directly from the Conversations (chat) module.

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“Now I can plan, prepare, execute, manage and evaluate different marketing campaigns fully on my own – I no longer need to wait for ‘some free time’ of our developers. Automations, ease-of-use and time saving – this is what User.com is about.”

Marta Piotrowiak
Marketing Specialist at HeySpace
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