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How a SaaS company set up automated onboarding and user activation processes with the help of advanced segmentation.
Katarzyna Pasierb
Sales & Marketing Specialist at
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“At first one needs some time to understand how exactly the automations builder works and I used the help of customer support specialists. I’ve worked with many marketing automation companies but never experienced such wonderful, professional and quick support service.”

Katarzyna Pasierb
Sales & Marketing Specialist at

Introduction: is a communication platform for participants involved in logistical processes. It enables businesses that use shipping services and carriers to easily exchange information in real time. With the support of automations, Hublock lets companies communicate smoothly, track a shipment’s status with one click as well as save time and money. Hublock is a no-code SaaS tool – ease-of-use and user-friendliness are superior values for the company.

Challenges they faced:

A few months ago Hublock team were looking for an all-in-one marketing automation platform that would help them generate leads and engage their customers. They considered a few different solutions but what made outstanding from day 1 was the exceptional customer support. All additional questions were answered on the spot, right after submitting them via live chat, which impressed the team and helped them make the final decision.

How helps:

According to Hublock, one of the key advantages of is that it replaces many tools and connects different features in a single place. It’s a comprehensive solution that helps them with their main goals – generating leads, providing personalized experience and activating customers.

The Hublock team make use of advanced user tracking and collect important information pieces about each user visiting their website, like for example traffic source. Based on that, they segment their visitors according to some predefined criteria and thus are able to assign them to one of the 3 languages they use in their communication. It’s also extremely useful to be able to check each user’s profile inside and quickly get an overview of their behavior and all the interactions with the company they’ve had so far.

With Hublock is also able to make strategic decisions about social media campaigns. Thanks to advanced tracking, they know exactly from which social media campaigns users come to their website. Then, based on user lists, they can easily analyse which campaign is the most efficient in terms of number of users brought to the site, can update campaigns’ budget accordingly and deactivate those whose performance is not good enough.

To maximize the chances of collecting useful data about users, Hoblock set up exit-intent popups. So far they’ve been very satisfied with the results as each month they are able to successfully collect a decent number of email addresses of people who otherwise would leave as anonymous users.


Another tool that brings a tremendous value is chatbot – they created an advanced chatbot flow with fixed-choice responses. Thanks to that, Hoblock is not only able to automate their support processes, collect email addresses and save time but also identify the main questions or interests of each user that interacts with the chatbot and make their segmentation even more accurate. For users who have left their contact details, it’s as well possible to schedule a call with the Hublock team during a conversation with a chatbot.


The most incredible module of platform is, in the eyes of the Hublock team, its automations section. They used an intuitive drag and drop builder to manage their marketing funnel by building a complex email onboarding process. Depending on the utm tags, users are automatically added to a given mailing list and further communication is run in a language that is the best fit.

Also, the team created personalized reactivation email campaigns that are sent to users who had signed up but have been inactive for some time. In addition, Hublcok highlights the flexibility and customizability of the platform – they very much appreciate the fact that provides a possibility to create custom automation paths and offers a lot of options. They find it incredible that it’s possible to build customized flows and one is limited only by their creativity and imagination.

What they achieved so far and looking into the future:

After a few months of actively using Hublock team are particularly happy with their automated onboarding and reactivation processes, which let them engage people at the beginning of their journey with Hublock platform and win back the attention of those who have remained inactive for some time. In addition, each month they’re able to collect a lot of email addresses with the help of chatbot and exit-intent popups

Hublcock has a lot of ideas on how they can further leverage automations to grow their business and deliver possibly the highest value to their users and customers. In the nearest future they’re going to build additional automation flows that will send follow-up messages to users at a particular stage of their journey.

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“Building flows in the drag-and-drop builder is like being in seventh heaven. I can easily create complex automations and the only limitation is my creativity.”

Katarzyna Pasierb
Sales & Marketing Specialist at
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