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How to boost your business by 300% with conversions to over 7+ figures in multiple businesses, to impacting and improving the world by building towards a sustainable future.
Jean-Pierre Khoueiri
Founder at Jean-Pierre
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“Using as an all-in-one solution has really improved our team’s mental space - oftentimes with multiple products you need to spend a few moments setting things up or trying to figure out where you left off, it’s like the cogs skip some beats - but with a single tool we’ve been able to flow through configuring campaigns and setting up automations in a really mentally efficient way.”

Jean-Pierre Khoueiri
Founder at Jean-Pierre

Introduction and a little bit about Jean-Pierre:

Jean-Pierre is the Mastermind behind many companies from Europe, to the US and even South America. Over 16 years ago, he got his start in SEO with an A-Z agency working with many companies. Early in his career he transitioned out of agency advising and began acquiring companies helping them make 7+ figures and returning 300% returns on his investments. Through his alternative investments fund Silver Tsunami Capital he has continued to expand into over 40 digital acquisitions benchmark beating returns - he is now starting and investing in many companies- companies with a purpose of trying to make the world a better place.

In a moment of clarity and a near death experience in the night, he decided from that moment he would do his best to stop making excuses and focus with a priority to make a positive impact in both a social impact and philanthropic way, and determined that it would be his priority to act - reducing waste and helping provide opportunity with growing businesses who were making a cultural change for improving the world.

Since May of 2020, he’s pursued his vision and has focused on a quite a few different companies that he’s proud of building for a sustainable future, three of which are below:

  • - This is a company on a mission to reduce plastic bottles in vitamins and supplements, and improve the health of the planet by changing waste in a major way - with a mission to remove plastic bottles from vitamins on US shelves by 2030.
  • - This is an organization with a goal of empowering communities by providing an education academy for extraordinary children often who come from poor backgrounds to find a better way into the world. Many of these kids are very driven, so one of the goals is to guide, train and work alongside them and teach them business skills that they can use, even at an early age - helping them into early internships with the goal of running their own organization or successful businesses and give them the chance and potential power of one person to change the world for the better.
  • - This is an AI powered social impact platform helping organizations make a positive impact on society easier. The platform will give individuals, foundations, companies, and philanthropies step-by-step actions they can take, and drive positive social influence.

How helps:

Jean-Pierre found while growing many of his business ventures, the last even exiting out at a more than 297% unleveraged return, so he clearly understands the benefit the platform provides. One of the major things that sticks out to him about the is the price, compared to other platforms like Intercom and HubSpot, where he is able to do everything at a fraction of the price and in turn pass on those savings to pay remote team members a living wage that will directly impact and empower their communities, which has been key to his goals.


How they’ve found success with

With integrated and optimized, many of his sales programs are fully automated and he finds that he doesn’t need to spend so much time in-app, especially having his team make tweaks for the best results, he can get back to spending more time building relationships. He’s found that the design and the platform is incredibly intuitive, and that if he needs to find additional data, he can quickly skim through and get a general idea of his lead pretty quickly.

Usually his team are the ones in charge of setting up, running, and optimizing marketing automations and campaigns, so he’s not spending most of his time tons of time in the app, but he can quickly get all the data points with easy to analyze dashboards and to see if there are any places that are having weak points, to tweak it, or if something takes off, he can quickly determine what it is and recreate the processes.

Using as an all-in-one solution has really improved their team’s mental space and ability to collaborate effectively - oftentimes with multiple products they were finding that they were spending even a few moments setting things up or trying to figure out where they were - like an engine misfiring - but after using as a single source of data, they’ve been able to flow through configuring campaigns and setting up automations in a really mentally efficient way.


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“I first bought to see how it was different from what we were using with Intercom and Hubspot, and after using it, pretty quickly I was able to notice that the platform solved several problems with our current tech stacks, and that we could eliminate the need for additional tools at a much better price point”

Jean-Pierre Khoueiri
Founder at Jean-Pierre
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