How a e-commerce has used User.com to activate customers and increase revenue with automated campaigns.
Joanna Kwiatkowska
CO-Funder & Head of E-commerce, Kubota
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We were surprised by the speed of implementation and integration of user.com with our website kubotastore.pl. It exceeded our expectations. And since then, user.com has constantly amazed us with its features and effects it brings.

Joanna Kwiatkowska
CO-Funder & Head of E-commerce, Kubota


The reactivation of the almost 30-year old slide sandals brand, which took place in 2018, was met with great interest. The reference to the traditional approach and modern design has meant that since then, the brand has been constantly developing and gaining new fans - also from the youngest generation. All activities consistently implemented from the moment of brand reactivation, translate into the dynamic development of the company. The next step will be the debut of the Kubota brand on the NewConnect stock exchange.

Challenges they faced:

Team Kubota after 1.5 years of using their previous marketing automation tool, tired of technical and implementation problems, started looking for a platform that would meet their expectations. During the research carried out with their software house, they found their way to user.com. They decided to try a test version of the tool and were so delighted with the simplicity of the implementation that they’ve stayed with user.com till today. Kubota is a progressive web app, which turned out to be a challenge when integrating with other marketing automation tools. Fortunately, the specialists from user.com coped with it very well and have integrated it through GTM.

How User.com helps:

To achieve their ecommerce business goals, the Kubota team has been using:

Forms - Forms for collecting customer data and marketing consent are embedded on the Kubota dedicated newsletter page, as well as in the footer. They're connected to the user, and its installation didn’t require any development from the Kubota team.


Pop-ups - Almost 60-70% of the most visited websites contain pop-ups. Thanks to tracking the user, they are displayed at the right time, to the right people and on the right pages. These are pop-ups encouraging you to buy, with a discount and with a newsletter subscription proposal. Pop-ups are also used for notifications about the introduction of a new collection and for notifications about the availability of the product. In the future, Kubota plans to use pop-ups to introduce an already existing offer for companies to personalize slide sandals when ordering more than 100 pairs. After clicking on the pop-up, the customers will receive relevant information directly to their email.

Coupons - The Kubota team is so satisfied with the Beta version that they admitted, it could be the final version of this feature. It helps in handling all discount codes they send. Each generated coupon is assigned to a user’s specific unique email address, so they can track e.g. convertion rate of all campaigns.

Chatbot - that’s the first point of contact of a potential customer with the Kubota brand on their website. Thanks to the deterministic nature of predefined answers that will take the user through one of the available conversation paths, each of the customers visiting the website outside working hours of the customer service department will be properly looked after. The bot talking with the users is called "KuBot". After finishing the conversation with him, the customer is asked to rate the bot, on a school scale from 1 to 5. Subscriptions for the newsletter are collected also through the chatbot. That’s one of the pillars supporting Kubota's communication with its customers. Moreover, the experience in creating the right chatbot path on the website with user.com’s specialist helped the team later in the process of creating the chatbot for the Messenger with builed-in product catalogue and checkout.

Web-push - The Kubota team uses web pushes to notify the user about news from the Kubota world, e.g. the latest deals and promotions, and the first-ever premiere of the clothing collection in Kubota's history. They are sent not often than 3 months to subscribed users. Consents for sending web-pushes are also collected via user.com.

Email campaigns – team is using simple campaigns for sending newsletter twice a month informing subscribers about special deals and limited offers. Subscriptions for the newsletter are collected through several channels - using a chatbot, at the time of registration and pop-ups. As an incentive, a discount is offered for the first purchase. In addition, automatic emails with an upsell offer are sent to customers. If the customer has purchased a product from one category, he will receive an e-mail after 2 weeks with an incentive to buy a product from another category according to the predefined paths. Kubota not only wants to increase the lifetime value of individual customers, but also to build their loyalty and bond with its brand. The Kubota team cares about the quality of its newsletter list. A semi-automatic system has been created to check on a daily basis if users from the newsletter database have opened an e-mail in the last 120 days and- if not-they are removed from the active database.

Scoring - Each customer that performs specific actions e.g. enters the website or conducts a purchase receives points. In the future, the new user.com’s feature will be used for this purpose - a loyalty program.

What they achieved so far and looking into the future:

The Kubota team really cares about the quality of their newsletter base. With great certainty their e-mails reach the right customers. Kubota, as an LGBTQ+ friendly company, introduced rainbow slide sandals to its offer both last year and this year. Their database has been segmented in terms of people who made such a purchase during the last 12 months or visited Pride Month product category and then they received an appropriate Pride Month campaign email. It has really good results - open rate was 35% and CTR was 30%. Thanks to the valuable content they are sending and the power of segmentation, the spam bounce rate of common newstelleter is less than 1% and CTR is up to 22%.

Their database of newsletter contacts grows by 10-15% month by month and in half a year, they managed to double the number of contacts. Within 3 months they increased the engagement of their recipients and the number of active ones increased by 50%.

We can certainly say that what also works for Kubota are the coupons sent in the newsletter. Their conversion rate on site is 25%.

The Kubota team is also proud of their pop-ups appearing on almost 60-70% of the most visited websites. Thanks to being displayed at the right time, to the right people and on the right pages they achieve CTR of even up to 6%.

What is important, the Kubota team does not yet take full advantage of user.com. They are waiting for the new website to be completed. They are both surprised and satisfied with the result they have achieved and strongly believe this is just the beginning.

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At Kubota, we strongly believe that people matter the most. Thanks to user.com and the marketing automation specialist who helps us achieve our goals, we can build meaningful, mutually beneficial relationships with our customers and respond better to their needs.

Joanna Kwiatkowska
CO-Funder & Head of E-commerce, Kubota
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