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How a UK agency is helping a deep tech company deliver groundbreaking HD haptic technology to their clients through modern devices by improving their engagement and increasing their paid customer conversion rate.
David Odier
Founder at Launch Mappers
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"With Lofelt, we switched from Hubspot to be more in control of the customer life cycle for our clients, and after using even in the last few months, we've noticed that you are also helping us by increasing our customer conversion rate by more than 25% since switching."

David Odier
Founder at Launch Mappers


Launch Mappers is an on-demand growth agency helping startups and companies go to market and achieve sustainable growth. Their team provides growth and digital marketing services, with each member specialized with unique and specific skill sets. Their goal is to support and grow their clients with some of the best subject-matter experts in Europe.

One of their clients, Lofelt, is a company that builds remarkably state-of-the-art HD haptic technologies for mobile devices, enabling developers to create stunning tactile effects with a suite of creative tools for enhanced mobile experiences. With their software suite, available on mobile and desktop, you can design and iterate near instantaneously, creating detailed haptic files with changes taking place in real-time without needing additional code.

There is strong momentum on haptic technology: With the release of PS5, Sony shipped a new controller offering a new level of immersion through advanced haptic feedback. On mobile, Apple paved the way with the release of Core Haptics, a API that allows developers to access the capabilities of the premium actuator inside the iPhone. The two giants believe it might be a game changer in their users' experience.

Game studios on the other hand are constantly trying to improve their games to ultimately increase retention and value down the entire pipeline. One way of doing this is through better haptics. However, one of the biggest problems stems from the need for full-time developers writing hundreds of lines of code to integrate even simple haptics.

With Lofelt software, from big studios to indie companies, everyone can use their application and easily turn sound files automatically into captivating and beautiful experiences, without the need for code or complex development. Their powerful design and integration features help keep mobile development workflows fast and efficient with a visual interface to customize the results.

Challenges they faced:

Lofelt had experimented with sending emails through Hubspot but was hitting a lot of limitations. Together with Launch Mappers, they experimented with various alternative solutions — looking for a way to help their team better engage and master their customer journey at an achievable price point.

David is an accomplished marketer (plus one of our SaaS Growth Summit speakers!) and has used many different tools for automating growth. He fully understands the importance of being more in control of the customer life cycle and with it the benefits you can bring to your customers to help them achieve their goals.

For their client, they were looking to improve customer experience in a similar way to their haptic technology but for engaging customers: from the very first visit to opt-in, and then making use of the leads who are trying the product, moving the right people into the proper funnel for conversion.

Goals they were looking to achieve with

For primary goals, Launch Mappers looked at optimizing two things - increasing the sales conversion rate, from trial to paying customer, and secondly to better segment and thereby understand the users at each point of the funnel, which they’ve been able to visualize and turn into a graph.

Being able to have a solution and integrate everything with mobile and their software, plus the ability to have a live chat, email, user tracking — together in one platform and everything that encompasses — but most importantly, responding to user a graph.

How has helped activate visitors:

With the goals for launch fully mapped out, they decided to go with for two big reasons; the first was the ease of use to integrate with Google Tag Manager without needing developer help, which was super positive in their experience. The second was the ability for the software to work effectively across multiple products. They quickly realized that would be the best solution for them to react to how their customers behaved across the range of their products.

With, they set up dynamic segments to better activate visitors into trials. Then they offered better personalization and outreach with different campaigns to turn trial users into customers — something their team hoped to accomplish with Lofelt — to increase visitor to trial to customer conversion.


How further helps:

Setting up and passing events from GTM straight into easily was something they didn’t need to relearn or change strategies mid-stream to fully activate the product for higher user engagement.

Early on, the speed and interface of the software was something that stood out to them, even compared to ActiveCampaign. With extensive use of the software, they don’t feel bogged down, and almost everything with the interface has been natural in creating campaigns.

While most other software has its pros and cons, Lofelt could integrate mobile and desktop apps. They’ve found that the software is very user-friendly, accessible, and fast, compared with other automation software they’ve used extensively in the past.

Creating automations has been dynamic for them to see the possibilities are truly infinite, and anything can be added in later as nonlinear. Automation paths can be followed up with another event or trigger, so using the flexibility in composing automations for them has been massive. Many other solutions structure their automation flows on if, then is — One single path with different outcomes — but with, there’s much more flexibility, in that you can start anywhere and add on later.

Their team has built automations that do pretty deep segmentation of the customers by updating custom attributes and others that are for sending email campaigns. Making minor adjustments saves so much effort that they can hop in and add any trigger or filter they need for the automation to be more effective without needing to rewrite it from scratch.

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"We decided to go with for two big reasons, the first was the ease of use to integrate with GTM without needing developer help, and the second was the ability for the software to work effectively across multiple products. We realized that would be the best solution for us if we wanted to react to our customers' behavior across our products.

Nour Hassaïne
Junior Growth Marketer at Launch Mappers
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