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How to increase conversions and enhance your business with an all-in-one marketing tool.
Justin McGill
Founder at LeadFuze
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“We switched to User.com with the intention to have a single source of truth, and after using it on our site, we’ve already seen an increase in our conversion rates, and open rates – the platform is enabling our potential customers to have a more personalized experience.”

Justin McGill
Founder at LeadFuze


LeadFuze is a directory of over 300 million business professionals. The system allows you to find and target the perfect audience for automated sales prospecting. It aggregates fresh and hot leads, specific for your use case, including entire lead lists built uniquely for you.

Regardless if you’re a marketer looking to build the perfect target customer list, or if you’re a sales team trying to connect with custom audiences, or even a recruiter targeting the ideal hire, the platform is designed to connect you and help you find exactly the person or people that you’re looking for.

On signup, LeadFuze offers people who try 25 free leads to show you an example of the power of their system. They’ve integrated User.com into their onboarding process, and are effectively using the power of an all-in-one marketing system to enhance their visitor > trial > customer funnel.

Justin is a veteran in the industry and an experienced marketer so he’s used and partnered with numerous marketing platforms in the past, from Gist, Drip, and even Intercom. He’s most recently switched over from ActiveCampaign and has found that he was able to do everything that he could previously do, and tie in so much more, and found the best use case is the all-in-one platform for his entire team. He noted that it’s already impressive to see his conversion rate increase with more personalization, with the feeling of directly connecting with leads since integrating User.com into his tech-stack.

How they’ve found User.com:

LeadFuze is extensively using nearly all the products User.com has to offer, from email drip campaigns, to effective use of popups, web notifications, SMS messaging as a reminder of their 7-day trial, and the offer with integrated onboarding, even to the extent of failed payment notifications, through email, text, and popup. With the CRM, they’re able to track trial progress.

They’re able to use IP addresses from visitor tracking and add blocks on new fake, or many different accounts on those who have already used their lead quota. With everything together in one system and marketing automation at the backbone, the team can easily have a unified view to see all their visitors, connect with trials, block spammers, communicate with customers, and more.

Their team has implemented and promoted getting feedback in the form of reviews, both as text and as personalized video reviews, into their onboarding and customer experience. This is something that is fully automated and helps them show their huge value of trust and tweak and be on the lookout of how to improve their system and better serve their customers

How User.com Helps

Often with an “all-in-one tool” companies claim that they do everything, but once you get in to check it out, you see that with this certain feature or product, it hasn’t been fully developed yet, or hasn’t been user-tested, just so they can claim. In contrast, they’ve found that User.com really delivers on our all-in-one features, with lots of care, customization, and thought put in for tweaking whatever you might need to suit your business.

One of the top parts of working together has been in connecting LeadFuze and the User.com support and onboarding team – helping them migrate over nearly everything they were able to do previously, plus helping them to straighten out some kinks in the funnel so the full potential they imagine can be running smoothly.

Previous goals and looking to the future:

One of their team’s main goals was to have a single source of truth for their entire product, as sometimes measuring productivity or effectiveness is hard to determine. Secondly, when they made the switch, they didn’t want to ruin everything, as their pipeline was already decently effective. They didn’t run into issues and surprisingly, were also able even to enhance their already well-oiled pipeline, increasing conversion by an additional 20% and open rates by 15%.

As Marketing Automation is a lot of the backbone of their processes, their team is spinning up new automations daily, from triggering personalized Popups on UTMs visits to dynamic ad content based on targeting specific companies, plus more. This automation engine is the killer feature for them, with the ability to dynamically personalize text, popups, and content to make engagement unique.

Each of the different teams, the founder’s team, the marketing teams, or recruiters, has a bit distinct onboarding experience. User.com can help personalize the messages and tailor each of the steps they experience. Each audience gets an entirely different message – for example, with sales, you need to talk more about “leads,” or recruiters can refer to the same people as “candidates,” etc.

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“Before User.com our team was hopping all over the place with different tools, but now I’m able to use all of these products – from push, SMS, knowledge base, on top of the robust marketing automation – in a single system to enhance my customer’s experience, and this is where the platform has the advantage.”

Justin McGill
Founder at LeadFuze
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