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How a leading electronics manufacturer turned to User.com for GDPR compliance, had a fast implementation with incredible scale, and was able to start user campaigns quickly, already getting twice the anticipated results.
Kamil Rentflejsz
Digital & E-commerce Marketing Manager, LG Electronics
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"We chose User.com not only because of the results we expected to achieve. Along with the platform, we have been assigned a specialist who does a lot of great work, and at the same time is very creative and takes the initiative. Without such a good CRM specialist, we wouldn't have achieved so much."

Kamil Rentflejsz
Digital & E-commerce Marketing Manager, LG Electronics


LG Electronics is a leading manufacturer of consumer and commercial products such as TVs, home appliances, heating and air conditioning systems, monitors, service robots, auto parts, and its premium brands LG SIGNATURE and LG ThinQ are renowned around the world. The company is a global innovator in the area of technology and consumer electronics, present in almost every country and employing more than 75,000 employees worldwide. Four LG companies - Home Appliance & Air Solution, Home Entertainment, Vehicle Component Solutions and Business Solutions - achieved consolidated revenue of $ 16.23 billion for the third quarter of 2021.

Challenges they faced:

The process of adjusting marketing automation settings in terms of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) turned out to be particularly challenging for the LG Poland team. They were looking for a partner who would understand that data protection issues are a critical aspect and who would enable them to start quickly after the implementation and go easily through the whole process.

They realized that User.com can help them track and verify the data and that it is managed in a GDPR-compliant way. In addition, the LG Poland team was looking for a tool provider that would not only allow them to achieve their business goals, but also assign them a specialist who would support them.

A great advantage of User.com over Salesforce, which the company had to deal with before, was significantly faster and easier implementation and the ability to start sending campaigns after just a month. That and an addition to the platform, being the dedicated specialist from User.com operating it efficiently and with great knowledge and experience - was what finally convinced the LG Poland team to choose User.com.

LG Electronics Poland, as one of the members of this large corporation, had to take care of the GDPR. The Polish branch of LG has one of the most restrictive implementations in the electronics market in terms of GDPR in Poland, which had to follow the exact guidelines of the legal department. The guidelines are taken from France, where very restrictive GDPR regulations are in force.

Managing the email database

LG Electronics Poland allows its customers to subscribe to the newsletter both online and “offline”. During the sales process in LG's Retailers’ stationery stores, the customer receives information about the possibility of subscribing to the newsletter and receiving a cashback or bundle promotions as a gift in return. The challenge the LG team faced was to activate these customers and encourage them to change their shopping habits in favor of online shopping and conducting a registration on their website.

User.com streamlines the process of gaining consent and managed permission lists, ensuring such tasks are performed in compliance with GDPR guidelines. User. com carries out permissions like insight / access to data, discontinue data processing, removal of data by fragmentation of data, consent withdrawal for processing special categories of data, object to data processing for marketing purposes.


The User.com widget on the LG website is launched only after the user has accepted the relevant cookies. User tracking starts after obtaining consent for analytical cookies. If the user agrees only to the necessary ‘cookies’, his data and activities on the website are not collected by the system. In addition, information about the data collected by User.com is entered in the LG cookie policy, which was updated after LG started using our marketing automation platform.

Within the mutual cooperation of, User.com and the LG team defined the goals and obstacles - to look for a solution and appropriate tools together. To achieve their ecommerce business goals, the LG team has been using:

Email campaigns - The LG team is using simple, but very complex campaigns to send newsletters in order to inform subscribers about special deals and limited offers like free home delivery to the customers doorstep, carry-in and installation of purchased products. If promotions concern only specific products, they are sent in emails. It depends on product recommendations and the user's browsing history which products will be proposed. Based on the user's purchase history, segments are created and then appropriate emails are sent to them.

In addition, the team set up automated drip email campaigns to rescue abandoned carts and pages. When a user, after adding products to the cart, leaves the store's website without finalizing the transaction, they are added to the list of users to whom the email campaign will be sent to with a reminder to return to the store. The goal is to increase the level of conversion.

If users have viewed product subpages, but have left the store without adding a product to the cart, then an email with these products or pages is sent to them. The campaign aims to encourage the user to return to the store and make a purchase.

A constant element of LG's strategy is the use of discount coupons for individual products. Additionally, it perfectly compliments the automation of the rescued page and carts. If among the products viewed or added to the cart by the potential customer there is one for which a coupon can be applied, then this information is accordingly included in the email along with a button that redirects you to use it.

Pop-ups - Thanks to pop-ups, the LG team encourages its customers to take advantage of current promotions and discount coupons or to register to get a coupon that is available only to logged-in users. Through User.com, the LG team controls the entire system of pop-ups on the website so they are displayed at the right time, to the right people and on the right pages.

Additionally, an ad impressions limit has been imposed on a unique user. The same customer will see this pop-up no more than once a day, so that they don't harm the user experience. They also prepare special pop-ups informing about weekend coupons. This is a solution for the identified problem - customers rarely make online purchases during the weekend.

HTML blocks - The LG team personalizes their website content with weekend coupons. This is a special kind of automation. If the customer visits the site during the weekend, this HTML block will be displayed to him. but if he enters the website on the other days of the week, he will not see the message about weekend coupons. That piece of special information about the possibility of using them is added without interfering with the page script.

Dashboard - Each section on User.com has its analytical dashboard with information collected from the last seven days. Thanks to them, the LG team can see which automation processes are run most often, what their efficiency is, how visitor tracking works out and how fast their newsletter database grows. They can also check the level of conversion and all shopping and registration processes.

What they achieved so far and looking into the future:

The LG team is especially pleased with the close cooperation with the assigned specialist who is actively involved in planning the strategy and identifying customer needs. Thanks to him, User.com exceeded the assumed revenue KPIs double. During our cooperation, they also managed to achieve OR of sent emails up to 50%.

Even though they expected outstanding effects, they are positively surprised by such mind blowing achievement and will stay with User.com for longer.

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"We saw that we were getting twice our expected results even in our early campaigns. With User.com specialists, our only limit is imagination in what we can achieve in long-term cooperation that has been great as a partner relationship and a business friendship."

Kamil Rentflejsz
Digital & E-commerce Marketing Manager, LG Electronics
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