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How an SEO tool package switched from Intercom and looked to improve their onboarding while enhance their touchpoints with customers to increase conversion.
Maros Kortis
Chief Marketing Officer at Mangools
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"With, the ability to manually draw and map out our automation scenario has been really effective to help us visualize our campaigns. With Intercom, we had many trigger-based campaigns running simultaneously just to onboard new users. Now we have one! And the price for the solution is a lot better.”

Maros Kortis
Chief Marketing Officer at Mangools


Mangools is a full-service platform for all of your SEO needs. The platform has a set of powerful and user-friendly SEO tools to enhance your site that covers everything from keyword research, SERP analysis, tracking your rankings, plus tools for further analysis like backlinks and competitor analysis, and even SEO authority.

With over 1 million users globally, they have all the essential metrics under one roof in an indispensable toolkit needed to make SEO simpler and more effective for your site, both for beginners and professionals at the same time.

Some of their best customers are businesses looking to improve their SEO rankings with the various tools, like their keyword finder (KWFinder) to general keyword research, but also to help find new short or long-tail keywords to scoop up bidding to get great results for lower CPC than expected.

Their team is also helping with education on the platform, how to turn their platform into great results that they will see direct benefits from, so one of the big goals is building long-term relationships with their customers.

Most of the customers who buy are choosing to upgrade their trial to a paid plan within the first day or two, so having a straightforward onboarding and something that really packs a punch and makes a significant impact quickly is essential for their needs.


Challenges they faced:

They had previously used Intercom but were finding that they had to do change the way they could connect with their customers since the goals in mind and the price for what they wanted to achieve wasn’t in the possible range, and had resorted to using the product in a really ineffective way.

Maros and the team took the next step and compiled a long list of the best tools for their goals and shortlisted as one of their top 15. After many weeks of trying each of the platforms, they decided that would be the best fit for their goals, plus what they had in mind for their marketing, and support teams. They could have all the data together as an all-in-one platform, which could take advantage of and power their automation + onboarding campaigns.

Goals they were looking to achieve with

They switched to to improve their conversion and noticed that it helped with the entire implementation process, plus was able to help tidy up their database and how they use it. Also, the marketing team has been able to understand better how the development team works to improve the events and attributes together.

Using the platform for automations was the main reason, plus the ability to manually "draw" the different scenarios has been helpful to help visualize campaigns. The entire automation and process can be "mapped out" and have all the touchpoints together — everything in a single automation.


Previously with Intercom for their onboarding they needed to map and start four different campaign sequences, all running simultaneously to get what they needed. Many of the automation sequences they wanted to implement would have cost thousands of euros a month. They have many more possibilities at a perfectly reasonable price — an overall much higher value for their money.

Being able to automatically 'pass' the users as customers straight to the support team has also played a key role. With, there's no disconnect between using different platforms for onboarding and support. There's no need for manual imports or exports of data — all of their data is now together and available to each of the teams.

Their team is just getting started but have plans for many for different campaigns. They are looking to implement changes and hope to improve their onboarding process and increase their conversion rate. They've set up 10-15 different touchpoints and even negative touchpoint campaigns (where the customer doesn't interact with a part of the platform). They are already looking to see how each of these campaigns helps to optimize their conversion.

One of the most significant benefits they've seen already is the platform helping to show and improve the value of their data and with different touchpoints and customer interactions plus events and more being triggered by their IT team into With all these events and data points, they can 'activate' customers and potentially enhance their conversion.

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"With what happened in 2020, we learned to adapt quickly and be more flexible as a business. We are always trying to be the best value for money, and see as something very similar to us, and one of the biggest reasons we chose you.”

Maros Kortis
Chief Marketing Officer at Mangools
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