How a SaaS platform has been able to automate the qualification and sales process, plus add NPS to connect with the best leads at just the right moment - improving sales and increasing customer retention.
Syam Kumar
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"Being able to have a great interaction and communicate at just the right time is so beneficial and is the key to our successful marketing while being able to prime a user with multiple interactions and events, these important things that we've found are possible with"

Syam Kumar

Introduction to MegaExams:

MegaExams is the tool that provides practice tests and enables both teachers and students to give and take exams. The platform is a management software for teachers and students, which offers smarter digital exams that are easy to create, easy to evaluate, and gives instant feedback that improves learning outcomes.

Institutions are preparing their students for the exam periods that can strongly affect their careers. MegaExams has set out over the last three years to help prepare students and provide a solution for teachers to automate exam creation and evaluation to focus on teaching and improving their students' performance.

The system offers 500,000 different questions that teachers can build customized exams with ease using the question bank and user-friendly exam creation wizard while getting reports like real-time scoring and analytics to create more effective teaching plans.

Problems they were looking to solve:

As they are still a young company that is growing fast, and with Covid 19, they found that they were hitting exactly what was needed due to remote educational work and teaching, plus finding a sweet spot with trials and demos. With only a small sales team and 80+ trials a day, they needed to automate many sales, demos, and onboarding processes.

How has been able to help:

When they saw massive growth on the back of the pandemic and getting closer to the exams period, they added automatic deals into their pipeline, with the API, to qualify users based on the platform usage, key events, and or buttons that are triggered. These users are prioritized, and the team can automatically send those deals to the sales team as sales qualified.

Based on usage and other custom events, they can fire triggers and many different automations, even API calls to other applications, and integrate these events to run SMS campaigns and even communicate locally through other communication apps like WhatsApp.

The support team has implemented the chat into their app and can reach out to their customers with problems to get fast help and feedback.

They were also looking at building an effective NPS system. Syam was able to start with the simple NPS bot automation template and then quickly build on it to collect further NPS scores that they could use to optimize their customer's experiences.

With any SaaS tool, being able to have a significant interaction at the right moment is the key to successful marketing, and that for MegaExams has been possible with

They're able to prime a user with multiple interactions, which they've found is vital for their marketing needs. Being able to communicate in the right channel at just the right time has been very beneficial. With many tools, there can be too much latency; but with, it's all perfect for the right time and helps enhance their qualification and ultimately conversion.


How helps:

Since early last year, using the platform extensively, they've found that has been able to help both with automation and improving sales. They've seen the cost is very effective for a company like theirs who is still at an early stage of growth, and might not have the budget for many tools.

Since they started with, they increased their email open rates and engagement, easily in the 30%+ range. They've been able to scale much faster with fewer resources. As a B2B company, they were able to handle 70 or more signups a day with under four staff and be able to pick the top leads first, something they've mentioned was only possible with

Syam also mentioned that he's found software and developers from Europe to be building some of the best and most advanced products on the market and has found to be one of the most effective.

In the future, they hope to be doing much more with automation and offer the additional potential to increase retention or add in the possibility to upsell on products and integrating to help segment the perfect potential customers.

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"We first bought to see the potential of automation, and after using the platform, we've found that it not only helps with automation, but also with sales and support, and is very cost-effective for an early-stage company like us."

Syam Kumar
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