Milan, Italy
How an agency has been able to rethink its marketing strategy and transform its business with an all-in-one Marketing Automation and integrated CRM that helps to drive conversion.
Pietro Masarati
Founder at Mira-media.it
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"User.com doesn't stop when we get a lead, but they can help us as a business with the entire sales funnel, from managing the sales activities and more - everything that needs to be done to turn a lead into a customer and transform this contact into an invoice at the end."

Pietro Masarati
Founder at Mira-media.it

A little bit about the company:

Miramedia is a marketing agency based in Milan, Italy focused on effective web solutions, building or improving the online presence of brands and products or services. They are helping their customers generate leads and increase their sales potential. Their team uses various web tools and build funnels plus strategy around the company and promote them to achieve their goals.

Often businesses are really good at what they do. When it comes to the digital space, they don’t know where to start or how to navigate building a presence on the web or through social channels. Miramedia helps businesses take care of their digital performance by creating websites, landing pages, building out ecommerce, improving SEO, SEM, and even running effective PPC campaigns.

Challenges they faced:

Naturally, they were looking for a tool that could help them behind the scenes to adapt to the changes and new reality of Covid 19, and looking for ways that they could improve the lead quality for many of their consultants but specifically for one of their clients, a group of attorneys MillenniumAndPartners User.com was one of the options that they’ve used to make more conversions from their Web campaigns and better understand and benefit from knowledge about the customer lifetime journey.

Goals they want to achieve with User.com:

Before User.com, they hadn’t had so much experience with marketing automation, but they were looking to find a tool that would help them with lead conversion and turn deals into sales. Often many of their customers were using emails, Excels files, or even sheets of paper to organize their activities on new leads and were losing time, finding difficulty with priorities, and even wasting potential great opportunities or contacts.

Another aspect Miramedia is very sensitive is the GDPR compliance - many people are not aware that since July of 2020, technical information held in the US servers for EU customers are not compliant and may cause issue and legal claims. With the new privacy shield, they wanted to be focused on being sensitive to their customers' privacy needs and needed something that would also fit GDPR rules.


How User.com helps:

With User.com, they could quickly see and understand visitor timelines without any tweaking or customization, which made it super easy to benefit from understanding the customer journey and customer. Adding User.com for their customers has also helped customers like MillenniumAndPartners benefit very quickly, especially with even simple automated sales pipelines.

With many PPC campaigns, visitors were lost as just anonymous visitors, and now they can see a change from IP to lead and then to customers. Previously they did not measure any statistics on conversion. They've mentioned that since using the platform, they gained more of 18-22% of more qualified leads out of anonymous website visitors.

They have felt like they can do something new with User.com, which has changed the game for them; once they have set up this elite machine, it is open 24/7 and has been working overtime to help them organize flows and power triggers that are super effective. For their clients using automatic segmentation, they can provide more focus on leads and giving them the proper nurture to turn them into customers. They have been pleased with the effectiveness of getting more business from their website.

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"In the past, our clients had to upload their data into their other software scattered everywhere manually - it was a nightmare, but with User.com, all the data is already there, digested, and ready to use. All the features work together in one system. It's magic!"

Pietro Masarati
Founder at Mira-media.it
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