How to scale a growing SaaS: Automate customer support and FAQs while also manage onboarding communication and personalization with dynamic emails building the bridge to clients seamlessly and efficiently.
Mariano Martene
Head of Growth at Octopush.com
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“Something great about User.com is the people working there. Especially those who did a great job in our first steps in the application, and successfully onboarded us as a company. Knowing that the team is there only a few clicks away gives us the peace of mind we need. This was one of the main reasons why we chose User.com over other competitors.”

Mariano Martene
Head of Growth at Octopush.com

Introduction and a little bit about the company:

Octopush.com is an SMS marketing company launched in France with the goal of helping mid-sized businesses better communicate with their customers primarily through mobile messaging. Currently, they’ve seen great success and are expanding their services to the UK, Spain, and more, with a mission to be one of the top mobile solutions for Europe.

They’ve been able to help over 23k companies already in France and have seen great growth results by being a local innovation and a hassle-free solution to help their customers grow their businesses effectively.

What they were looking for in a tool:

Having all client information in an organized way was the primary need. But the system also needed to be capable of using attributes and events to make the mobile marketing platform and an automation company talk together. This was something highly needed in addition to the possibility of their team being able to build automation on top - the key to scaling their and really any digital company.

They first switched from Intercom to Crisp, because their startup plan was about to end and the pricing was going to become ridiculously high. They decided to give Crisp a try but quickly found that they weren’t able to provide attributes and events and that their automation was poor. After the disappointing experience, and after losing a lot of time and energy in a failed integration, they decided to take automation, events, and customer data more seriously and made a comprehensive analysis of all options in the market. Their team put together a list of internal problems and imagined what they would also need in the future. Once the list was organized, they interviewed and booked a demo with the most promising solutions.

The biggest hope they had for a tool was helping decrease the time spent on customer support and with ticketing. They also wanted to increase customer retention. Lastly, they needed data segmentation, plus the ability of marketing automations to help scale their company to the next milestone.

How User.com helps:

For Octopush, they’ve found User.com primarily as a support channel in helping with customer interactions and answering FAQs that occur in all automated chat conversations. By automating answers for both their team as well as being able to help their customers, they are able to save enormous amounts of time, since most common questions are resolved by just referring to the help link in their Knowledge Base. Before User.com they had spent a lot of energy on just being on-demand to support their users, but with automation, they have found it both to be highly successful and a time saver.

User.com has been key in helping manage their team’s marketing communication to all their prospects and customers. They have many onboarding sequences and dynamic emails that are sent based on segmentation rules and are triggered based on the specific behavior and app interaction that their customers have or based on usage of Octopush.

How they’ve found success with User.com:

One specific case is an onboarding email sequence automation has really proven something that the team has found success. This sequence takes the first step and helps introduce the user to the company, and with every new registration part of the campaign offers to book a 1-to-1 call with an account manager and helps build the bridge between Octopush and their clients seamlessly and efficiently.

They’ve found User.com as an “all-in-one solution” that their team can do many different campaigns and outreach to most of their marketing channels. By having all their data in a single platform, they’re able to make the most of personalization, outreach, and communication, while improving their speed and saving time by automating tasks.

Something great they’ve really noted about User.com is the people on the support team, and especially Alina who they’ve mentioned did a great job to help their first steps with the software and successfully onboarded them as a company. They’ve further expressed that knowing that she and the rest of the team are only a few clicks away gives them the peace of mind we need. This was one of the main reasons why they chose User.com over other competitors.

Achievements and looking to the future:

As far as their top achievements, the best thing they’ve noted is organizing their client database by industry, and with it being able to establish KPIs to track and show growth metrics of success. Being able to alleviate phone support by offering chat has also been a workflow improvement, and combined with automation and knowledge base saves them a massive amount of time.

What they find effective is the Chat Widget Module, Automations, Email Campaigns, Dashboard & Analytics Widgets, and Deals & Sales Pipelines. With regards to their clients, they find that the most useful features are User & Company Attributes, Segmentations, Knowledge Base, and Tags.

They are exploring the use of tickets, implementing their softphone software, and working on the development of an integration for their SMS API, for layered use of marketing automation for them and their clients in the User.com platform.

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“Having all client information in an organized way was our first problem that User.com helped solve, plus the capability of using attributes and events woven together with automation has proven effective in helping our mobile marketing platform scale effectively.”

Maurice Nataf
Customer Success at Octopush.com
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