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Jérémy Mauboussin
Founder at PlagiaShield
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" has helped us at PlagiaShield skyrocket engagement with customizable automations that has changed my business to serve my customers better. The whole setup was amazing and I’m super impressed with the platform!"

Jérémy Mauboussin
Founder at PlagiaShield

Company details:

PlagiaShield is a France based SaaS company that helps companies around the world with combating stolen content. They’re helping to clean up the web by automating the removal of stolen and copied content.

Many companies are heavily relying on written content to gain traffic to their site. However, often fresh unique wording quickly gets stolen and starts losing positions in the search results. PlagiaShield helps its customers fight plagiarism, so they get their traffic back.

SEO managers need to monitor their content and ensure it stays unique. This activity is essential to performing well but should require little time. PlagiaShield helps them productively achieve results, at scale.

The tool scans the customer site every week and finds similar content on the web. The user quickly identifies true theft and uses personalized templates (emails and forms) to eradicate the URLS infringing their content.

Problems & Solutions:

The team first met at SaaStock 2020, a virtual business event. At the time he was using ActiveCampaign, but was looking to add on a Chatbot and also to integrate a full feature Live Chat into his toolset and sales process.

Jeremy is super familiar with marketing automation tools and quickly saw the value in He was quickly able to understand the magnitude of the software’s capabilities at the price point and found the service to be exceptional. After integration, he’s found that the chat widget is performing very well on-site and allows for the most advanced automations.

“I switched to so that PlagiaShield could better serve its customers while scaling.”

There were three main goals when implementing the marketing tool:

1. Provide better guidance to new users. helps PlagiaShield lower its time-to-value: it takes less time to get value from the tool. Automated communications also make the team more intuitive.

2. Increase conversions.

3. Automate more processes, to focus on valuable human connections. The time saved on routines is allocated to create deeper and meaningful connections with customers.

How helps:

Here is a good example of the way PlagiaShield currently use automations.

When a user first signs up they enter a pipeline: each one of the 6 stages represents a deeper product usage, e.g. "chose a plan", "added a domain", or "checked the results". When a user completes all stages, he sees the full value of PlagiaShield, which brings him closer to choosing a paid subscription.

For each stage, a automation makes sure the user understands what the next step is and how to get there, which is made through a combination of event-based personalized in-app chatbot messages and emails.

This whole process was inspired by the book "Product Led Growth" by Wes Bush. He recommends mapping the full customer journey (with every single interaction) to limit friction and ensure you onboard users as best as you can. These efforts lead to higher conversion rates.

Additionally, you can get very creative and efficient with For example, Jeremy was able to create a semi-automated personalized welcome video system quickly. After a user signs up, he records a short personal video on Loom. To send it to the user in a well formatted personalized email, all he needs to do is paste the video link in a custom attribute in the profile.

The results are still coming in, but are very promising - 50% of users watch the video message and the feedback is great so far. It creates a deeper connection and much more engagement.


In the next few months they are planning to experiment with other features while they expand their business.

1. Using push notifications to increase returning traffic - This feature will save them from needing to develop a custom-built solution.

2. The knowledge base will be especially useful when scaling the support team. It will allow agents to quickly provide help to users. Its integration with the chat makes it even more valuable.

3. Jeremy also plans to use the chatbot to enrich customer profiles and provide more relevant messages and content to customers. The needs of a freelance SEO and a large digital agency are very different.

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"The Live Chat is hands down the best in class, and the chatbot has a very high value — add it with complete control in any automation."

Jérémy Mauboussin
Founder at PlagiaShield
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