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How Pomelo saves up to 4 hours a day automating the repetitive customer support tasks
Bartłomiej Foszer
CEO at Pomelo Food Company
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With the help of User.com, we were able to respond to the challenges we faced. The customer service team saves 3 to 4 hours a day by automating repetitive tasks and has more time to handle tickets that require their support.

Bartłomiej Foszer
CEO at Pomelo Food Company


Pomelo is one of the most popular diet catering in Poland. It has been operating on the market for 7 years. They have already been trusted by thousands of customers who constantly motivate them to further work and development. Their mission is to support the creation of well-balanced healthy meals. Pomelo has as many as 15 diets and delivers meals to over 3,000 locations in Poland.

Challenges they’ve faced

When the Pomelo Team started looking for the appropriate marketing automation tool, they knew perfectly well what needs it was supposed to meet and how it was supposed to improve their work. Their goal was to relieve the customer service team and take care of the users coming to their website and converting them into paying customers.

After the first meetings with representatives of User.com and the expert with whom they were to cooperate in the future, they felt that their needs were fully understood and together we would find a solution to each of the emerging challenges.

How User.com Helps

Personalized communication at every stage of the customer journey

To achieve one of its main goals - taking care of potential customers at every stage of their journey from the moment they appear on the website to finalizing the purchase - the Pomelo team has implemented personalized communication through channels such as email and SMS.

An important part of Pomelo's activities is education, so the communication sent is highly valuable for recipients and supports spreading other pieces of content created by the team, including a blog or podcast.

The Pomelo team focuses its activities on increasing customer engagement and encouraging them to come back and re-purchase the diet.

On-site communication with the customers is supported by numerous pop-ups. Among them there are pop-ups encouraging people to take advantage of the promotion and to subscribe to the newsletter. Using advanced filtering settings, the Pomelo team can easily limit the number of pop-ups displayed per user and exclude individual segments of people, such as people who have already given their marketing consent, so that they do not receive a pop-up about subscribing to the newsletter.

Communicating time-sensitive discounts is also supported by e-mail and SMS channels.

In addition, the Pomelo team conducts periodic customer satisfaction audit in the form of a significantly expanded survey. Data obtained in this way about customers feed their profiles in the User.com system and are used in further activities in the future.

Automation as an effective tool in building customer experience and reducing churn

The Pomelo team wanted to use automation to relieve the customer support team from some of the repetitive work and redirect the team to other, more important tasks.

Thanks to the creation of appropriate paths in the User.com, shipments that were previously carried out manually, including informing the customer about the end of the order or encouraging them to return and make a purchase again, are now sent automatically. It saves up to 4 hours a day of work for the customer service team.

The basis of all created automation paths are customer purchases and their activity. These include automations such as:

  • bring back - The purpose of this automation is to encourage customers to come back and buy Pomelo diet again. Messages addressed to these groups of customers vary depending on whether the team is dealing with a new customer or one who has already successfully returned to catering once.
  • automatic e-mail communication for people who have rated Pomelo diets - on a daily basis Pomelo uses external CRM software. All data from that system is also transferred to User.com. While User.com serves as a marketing data source and support for communication activities, CRM helps to take care of orders.
    The Pomelo team is aware of the importance of recommendations and the so-called social proof. Thanks to the connection with the largest catering comparison website in Poland, the team is well informed about who rates the diet and how good. Customers appreciating Pomelo with a high note receive an automatic email campaign encouraging them to leave an opinion on other similar websites.

Since we started work with the User.com expert and started to implement activities using the system, our newsletter database has been systematically growing. In addition, the OR for e-mail reaches even 34%, and the CTR remains at the level of 5%.

Bartłomiej Foszer
CEO at Pomelo Food Company

What they’ve achieved so far

The Pomelo team managed to respond to the challenges they faced with the help of User.com. The customer service team saves up to 3 to 4 hours a day by automating repetitive tasks.

Both teams are still working on achieving the second goal - the best possible care for customer needs - but the results are already satisfactory at this stage.

Since the Pomelo team started cooperation with the User.com expert and began to carry out activities using the system, their newsletter database has been growing systematically. In addition, the OR for e-mail reaches even 34%, and the CTR remains at the level of 5%.

The Pomelo team also notes the positive impact of the use of automation on sales. The bring back auto campaign alone achieves a CTR of 10% and an OR of 56%.

We have noticed a positive impact of the use of automation on sales growth. Some of the orders made daily come from activities supported by marketing automation. The "bring back" campaign alone achieves a CTR of 10% and an OR of 56%.

Bartłomiej Foszer
CEO at Pomelo Food Company
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