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How an IT consulting company used marketing automation to grow their subscriber list by 500 contacts in just 3 months.
Piotr Filter
Digital Marketing Specialist at Predica
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“ helped us diversify and organize our lead generation & management processes, and saved a lot of time we previously spent on manual tasks. It’s incredible how many useful marketing tools can be included in just one platform.”

Piotr Filter
Digital Marketing Specialist at Predica


Predica is an international IT consultancy and an acclaimed Microsoft Partner. They use full-stack Microsoft technology to free organizations of repetitive tasks. Well-established and proven frameworks allow Predica to guide organizations toward self-management. The aim of their projects is always to let employees focus on larger goals.

The company supports their clients across 4 main areas of operation: cloud security, data analytics, apps & DevOps, and Managed Services. Predica can be reached in a traditional way – interested companies can easily schedule a meeting with them directly via their website – but also sells tailored service bundles, available in their online store.

Challenges Predica faced:

One of the key elements of Predica’s DNA is a dynamic work environment. They love to experiment, boost their communication strategies with new solutions, and create new ways to deliver the highest possible value for their current and potential clients. The marketing team wanted to minimize manual work by automating as many sales and marketing activities as possible. At the same time, they wanted to ensure that they can reach out to their would-be partners with the very best messaging at the right stage of their customer journey.

A matter of concern was that the newsletter subscription process did not work properly, and consequently, valuable leads were slipping away. The team was looking for a marketing automation platform that would combine a comprehensive set of digital marketing tools and allow for a great dose of flexibility, without requiring too much time or resources.

Goals they wanted to achieve and how helps:

The top priority for Predica was to stop losing valuable leads and gather new subscribers. They needed a platform offering easy installation and integration options, as well as providing a possibility to work with various tools with no involvement of developers.

They were also very much interested in mapping out the customer journey, and in finding new ways to optimize everyday work of their sales, support, and marketing teams.

Since the first day of working with, the Predica team have much appreciated a variety of tools and features included in the platform. They were able to improve their lead generation flow with the use of:

- Pop-ups– Predica displays different types of pop-ups across their blog and main website (e.g. for newsletter registration, ebook download, thank you messages displayed after a user submits their email address etc.) to collect lead data.


- Email campaigns – apart from using emails to send a bi-weekly newsletter, Predica uses this channel to deliver digital content like ebooks, brochures or webinar replays.

- Customer journey mapping – with omnichannel tracking they are now able to see the full history of interactions with their communications. It’s extremely helpful for getting a quick overview of how users engage with different channels, and adjusting further communication and activities to various customer journey stages. Also, Predica created a lead generation assessment system based on UTM tracking. It helps the team measure which channels and forms of communication generate the most engagement.

- Easy & quick integrations – Predica uses to create customized landing pages for each event. Thanks to intuitive integration via Google Tag Manager they’re able to pass the details of on-page behavior from these landing pages to their app. There, they are able to analyze them for patterns and draw conclusions for improving site functionality and user experience.

- Automations – they create various automation paths to trigger a specific action (for example an email campaign start or a pop-up display) at the perfect moment.

In order to enhance their support activities without increasing the need for extensive resources, Predica started to use chat features. The functionality has been first rolled out in their e-store, which is exactly where their potential clients may have additional questions.

- Live chat – at the moment Predica offers live chat support on the pages of their online store.


- Chatbot– they created a chatbot welcoming new users. They’re also planning to launch a more complex support chatbot on their main website and thus further automate the tasks currently carried out by the support agents, and decrease time needed for manual work.

Thanks to, Predica has come very close to having an ideal single source of truth about their site visitors. It has also enabled them to significantly improve cooperation between teams. In the nearest future, they will test out the CRM module in order to fully automate deal assignment, management, and nurturing activities.

Additionally, Predica has been very satisfied with the quality of assistance delivered by one of Marketing Automation Specialists. He helped them optimize automation paths as well as set up and implement an appropriate data naming strategy. In addition, he carried out a Google Tag Manager audit, recommended enhancements and made all the necessary improvements. The team was also happy with application tips & tricks shared with them during dedicated assistance calls.

What Predica achieved so far:

With the implementation of, Predica has significantly reduced the problem of losing important contacts, and managed to gain new ways of generating leads. In only 3 months they’ve managed to gain 500 new subscribers.

Predica now offers new communication channels to their clients, and markedly improved the efficiency of their email campaigns. Since they started sending emails through, their Open Rate jumped from 10% to an impressive 45%.

In the last few months, they’ve automated a bulk of tasks and activities that used to be carried out manually. This has won additional valuable time for Predica team members, and they’re now able to focus on more challenging and creative work.

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“ helped us diversify and organize our lead generation & management processes, and saved a lot of time we previously spent on manual tasks. It’s incredible how many useful marketing tools can be included in just one platform.”

Piotr Filter
Digital Marketing Specialist at Predica
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