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How to scale efficiently with an All-In-One Marketing Platform? Pushnews uses User.com to save time and improve their efforts.
Tomás Nápoles
Head Of Customer Success at Pushnews.eu
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I can highly recommend the support at User.com, it’s amazing. As the head of customer success, I understand how the back end looks and how hard it can be working with clients sometimes, but your team is incredible dealing with everything so fast.

Tomás Nápoles
Head Of Customer Success at Pushnews.eu


Pushnews is an innovative Portuguese young company that opened up on the Brazillian market, enabling an automatic and push notifications service serving billions of notifications a month.

Initially started in 2017, Pushnews targeted publishers, enabling them to connect to their subscribers in an auto-pilot mode. In the last few years, they’ve expanded their market to include other push products - mail and onsite. They are helping provide a benefit to their customers by increasing their website traffic, customer engagement with their audience - saving many hours of work and achieving impressive engagement results.

At such a large scale, with many clients, they are often helping improve and optimize their conversion rates from double digits down to even points of a percent, which can change the game and make the difference turning visitors into customers. Having a push message helps to get visitors back after they’ve left to return and make a purchase, something their customers have found vital in successfully running their business and increasing conversions.

Challenges they’ve faced:

In the past, they were using Intercom for customer service, and even though they loved to work on their software, they ended up leaving and switching over to User.com, mainly because of the price. Now that they’ve been using User.com they’ve found the pricing better to their budget, yet have found to be using even a broader range of products beyond just enhancing their customer support experience.

How User.com helps:

Their team has found a considerable benefit from the All-In-One platform at User.com to use it in an advanced way and make the best use of nearly the full range of services we offer. They’ve implemented the software on their site and are even using it in ways we haven’t thought of ourselves.

Using Deals in combination with the CRM, and the snooze button has been one of the team’s favorites - something that they’ve put to great use with customers who need a little more time or remind them about connecting with customers later on when the time is right. Their pipeline fills up pretty quickly each week and without the User.com CRM and features to help move things in the right place automatically, they could otherwise feel overwhelmed. The entire team is able to collaborate effortlessly and can quickly see who is in charge or has made contact at any point in the funnel.

As a SaaS company, their customers are automatically paying each month and one of the best ways they’ve found to encourage or remind their customers, are through automated SMS campaigns to those who are getting to the end of their subscription, but also to those needing reminders about billing card issues, which in turn helps them reduce churn and saved tons of their time and effort, and see who missed something and easily send the campaign.

With Articles, they’ve been keeping the team updated and can easily one click share the knowledge with their customers. Their team have integrated the calendar system into their onboardin and are finding that they are automating and using the scheduling on a daily basis with their customers. Marketing Automation tops it all off to make all the systems operate autonomously, with improved optimizations and fully incorporated into their product on their end.


We were using Intercom in the past, and while we loved to work on the platform, the pricing was a significant drawback, so we decided to switch to User.com. Now that we’re customers, I’ve found your support amazing and one of the best I’ve experienced from a product team.

Tomás Nápoles
Head Of Customer Success at Pushnews.eu

What they achieved so far:

One of the original reasons was that they wanted to use Live Chat — for communication with their customers and helping them to improve their customer communication. But once they realized the potential, they’ve been implementing other features as well. For instance, they’ve found extremely positive results with onboarding their customers via 5-7 emails, noting that their open rate is even in the last onboarding has improved to more than 50%.

While the team is not tracking all the details and conversion rates, they’ve found it easy and accessible to organize the system to their needs — tracking, replying, and connecting with everyone who has created a trial in their system. Tomás is able to manage everything for the entire team to be on the same page, from onboarding to enhancing conversion rates, to replying and communicating as support.

One of the key indicators of impact for User.com is that Pushnews first started using the platform to enhance customer support. Over time their team have found that using the system as an All-In-One Marketing platform has enhanced their business, and improved the way they can do so much more automatically.

Their system enables 7 billion notifications per month, and one of their top clients sees an increase of 10 million visits per month as a result of their product.

We found User.com when we were looking to improve our customer support platform, and now we use the software as an All-In-One platform combination for Live Chat, Deals, SMS reminders, saving us tons of time and improving our efforts.

Tomás Nápoles
Head Of Customer Success at Pushnews.eu
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