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How to educate and nurture potential customers — help them realize your value while establishing and building trust.
Stefan Nievelstein
Chief Marketing Officer at SellerLogic
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“When we first started with, we wanted to start our lead generation process. The system has not only improved our lead gen process but has also structured our sales process with automated emails. Since the implementation, has drastically accelerated our lead generation by 200%.”

Stefan Nievelstein
Chief Marketing Officer at SellerLogic

Introduction and a little bit about SellerLogic:

SellerLogic is the creator of Smart Tools for Amazon sellers and ecommerce shops. Their company focuses on helping save companies time and money and automatically optimizing sales and profits by improving the business processes with two dynamic tools that are connected to an Amazon seller account in only a few clicks.

With Lost & Found they’re able to automatically find undiscovered Amazon FBA errors and enable their clients to get reimbursed for any issues where goods go missing, something breaks, returns were refunded but never returned, or even where measures are taken wrongly and a fee is wrongly invoiced. If you’re a seller on Amazon, using Lost & Found is a no-brainer, as it will 100% save you money.

By not claiming hidden reimbursement claims, many dealers who use FBA are often losing several thousand euros a year. SellerLogic takes these FBA errors and makes them transparent and visible, while supporting you in prep, documentation, and communicating with Amazon for a smooth process and recovery.

As the Buy Box position is crucial for successful business on Amazon, SellerLogic’s Repricer for Amazon is helping their clients win the Buy Box by lowering and raising the price dynamically depending on the seller’s performance KPIs. By not going for the lowest price but for the highest possible price, the tool increases sales and keeps the seller one step ahead of the competition.

Throughout the marketing process, SellerLogic is educating potential customers to understand the value provided. On the one hand to point to the still quite unknown problem of unclaimed FBA errors. On the other hand to establish trust in and show the benefit of a product which takes over control of something so sensitive like pricing.

Stefan is an accomplished marketing expert and has a lot of experience in automation and was familiar having used in the past, especially early on being GDPR compliant. So naturally he wanted to implement the tool into SellerLogic’s process of lead generation strategy through HTML blocks, lead magnets, but also through nurturing and education to show value and to build trust. He was aware of the potential and the capabilities of the platform, but also the simplicity of dynamic drag and drop through the automation builder.

How helps:

SellerLogic has implemented as a solution with capabilities not only with email campaigns but also in deeper integration with marketing to help improve the education process, and sales with custom events and the potential to add anything else they need.

With their marketing team, they are flexible and agile, skipping additional development resources, using the platform for automation with lead magnets, as well as collecting double opt-in data for nurturing and educating with email drip campaigns sending out ebooks, blog updates, and more - helping their leads to understand the need for each of their tools while always trying to move the leads further down the funnel.

With the functionality of automated funnels and nurturing potential leads for conversation and final conversion based on pipeline stage and user activity inside their app. Any non-converting leads are triggered to be put back into the appropriate spot in the funnel.

The key for success was the automation capabilities. Pipeline stages for each lead are managed dynamically through user activity on the website until ultimately converting into a customer. Any non-converting leads are triggered to be put back into the appropriate spot in the funnel.

In addition, with a focus on being flexible, it has been very easy and convenient for their marketing team to integrate through GTM, which gave the team the freedom to quickly try and validate or disprove ideas or effectiveness of campaigns.

With sales, they are building their team for dynamic and automatic CRM deals, and manually triggering drip campaigns to those further along in the process.


The team has found better traction with a structured approach, something that was provided with, that they wouldn’t have to type or put together every email when reaching out to leads and also have deployed a Chatbot to learn about potential customers’ consideration and goals with their product, although they are still testing its effectiveness.

What they have achieved so far:

Some of the key benefits for the entire team at SellerLogic has been in using as a complete marketing suite across the entire company, and despite not feeling like they’re using the whole potential of, they feel pretty happy with the realization of their goals and how they use certain products to great effect, but also that there are many more possibilities in personalization and scoring.

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“For me what I really appreciate is the customer support team you provide and is really one of your top “products” that we are able to use on a regular basis and I am always very satisfied with the efforts you are doing there.”

Stefan Nievelstein
Chief Marketing Officer at SellerLogic
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