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How a digital marketing agency can use marketing automation to boost lead generation and automate support activities.
Sebastian Suma
CEO at Sempai
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“As a comprehensive lead generation partner we were launching a new service – marketing automation campaigns management – and for this purpose we were looking for a marketing automation software that would bring the highest revenue increases for our clients. We tested a lot of different solutions and was the one that met all our expectations. What we like most about is an easy integration via Google Tag Manager and a responsive Customer Support team that is a pleasure to cooperate with.”

Sebastian Suma
CEO at Sempai


Sempai is one of the leading SEO & SEM agencies in Poland. For more than 14 years they have been helping clients increase their profits from online sales. Their offering covers various digital marketing areas, such as Google Ads, SEO, Facebook Ads, content marketing and web analytics. As an official Google Premium Partner, they especially focus on conversion marketing for e-commerce stores. They value long-term cooperation and relationships with their clients. Sempai is a proud holder of recognized industry prizes, including European Search Awards, EMEA Google Premier Partner Awards and a Polish e-commerce award “EKOMERSY” – for the best agency supporting sales generation.

Challenges they faced:

Sempai started to look for the best marketing automation software as they were frequently asked by their clients about solutions they would recommend. They realized how important a marketing automation platform for their clients was and wanted to find a tool that would be the best fit to their offering and key business values. After an intense market research and testing of different solutions availa;able on the market, they decided to go for What makes stand out is the individual approach to each client, huge flexibility and extraordinary and non-corporate customer support team. In addition, not only were they looking for the best marketing automation solutions for their clients but they also wanted to start cooperating with a dependable business partner who would enable them to truly support their clients with marketing automation processes.

Before offering to their clients, Sempai wanted to thoroughly test platform by themselves. They loved it so much that they stayed with the tool and have been using it for their marketing, sales and support processes since.

Goals they want to achieve with

The Sempai website is based on WordPress – they were in need of a comprehensive all-in-one marketing automation platform that is intuitive and user-friendly enough so that the different team members will be able to set everything up on their own and without involving the IT team. Apart from this, it was extremely important for Sempai to find a solution whose implementation is possible via Google Tag Manager (GTM). The main advantage of the GTM installation is that it gives a lot of flexibility and various integration options.

What they wanted was a no-code solution that would enable their sales team to have a single source of truth about their clients. In addition, helped them take the heat off the support agents by chat & chatbot features and let them plan and carry out marketing campaigns targeted at the right audience.

One of the major objectives for Sempai was to improve conversion rates on their websites – they planned to use various features to generate more business enquiries from the current traffic. In addition, they really wanted to have a possibility to show their would-be and current clients how marketing automation features work in practice. This approach would positively impact the reliability of the new service they were launching at that time – marketing automation campaigns management.


How helps:

Sempai focused on automating parts of chat support, segmentation and lead generation processes. Also, they have been sending various types of marketing campaigns to nurture, educate and keep their audience engaged. To achieve this, they have been using:

Advanced user tracking – widget tracks each interaction of users’ with the Sempai website. Not only does it make the segmentation easier but also enables the team to access the whole history of a given user in one place.

Chatbot – on their main website they activated a chatbot that provides basic support, asks additional questions and thus collects important data for user segmentation. At the same time, a person interacting with the chatbot always has a choice – an option to ask for contact with a human support agent via live chat. The Sempai team says that a conversation with their chatbot is also a great way to introduce their company to the visitors – tell more about who they are, what they care about and how they work in an interesting and user-friendly way.

Popups – a great and easy-to-set-up way of building newsletter subscribers base. For that Sempai uses 2 form types: exit-intent and newsletter signup popups.

Data collectors – an intuitive and easy way (no coding skills required!) to collect data pieces left in a form and save them as user attributes or events. Sempai uses them to save data left by users in exit-intent popups.

Web push notifications – whenever they publish a new piece of valuable content on their blog, they send out web push campaigns. This communication channel is liked by their audience and has high CTRs.

Email campaigns – they are using email module for newsletter and campaigns related to online events they regularly hold. At the moment they are also sending out email campaigns through FreshMail (promotional, reactivation or feedback mailing) but are planning to fully switch to soon. Similarly to CPlug – a Brazilian SaaS company we featured in another Case Study the Sempai marketing team have noticed that their clients very much appreciate emails sent directly from the company CEO and reported positive feedback and higher satisfaction.

What they achieved so far:

Since they implemented they have been impressed how useful it is to have access to the full history of interactions with each user from a single place. Thanks to advanced user tracking and automated ways of lead data collection such as chatbot or popups, Sempai has improved their segmentation process and won extra time for sales team members.

They are particularly happy with the chatbot automation – they have been observing an increasing number of leads coming from this channel. Interestingly, Sempai also noticed an extra business value in their chatbot – potential new joiners can submit their CVs via chatbot interaction, which positively contributed to their employer branding.

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"We tested a lot of different solutions and was the one that met all our expectations. What we like most about is an easy integration via Google Tag Manager and a responsive Customer Support team that is a pleasure to cooperate with.”

Sebastian Suma
CEO at Sempai
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