An ideal case of weaving online & offline into one for each customer journey. The story of ARKANA COSMETICS - an international seller of premium beauty products.
Katarzyna Wyszyńska
eCommerce Manager
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"We finally found a platform that gives us multichannel communication tools, CRM and cross device user tracking at once. Plus exceptional customer support."

Katarzyna Wyszyńska
eCommerce Manager


ARKANA is a manufacturer of innovative cosmetics and beauty products. Their key values are: highest quality, individual approach to clients and original formulas based on scientific evidence and years of experience. ARKANA offers its products to both individual and business clients (professional beauty salons). Apart from their presence in brick & mortar beauty stores, an extremely important element of ARKANA’S business is selling products online – through the e-store and a branded e-commerce app.

Challenges & Goals they want to achieve with‍

Not long ago ARKANA team worked with a different app to get advanced user tracking and be able to create personalized omnichannel strategies. They weren’t happy as apart from tracking, personalization and automation features they were in a strong need for CRM which was lacking in the tool. Thus they had to use separate apps for tracking & marketing automation, CRM and team/project management, which was far from optimal. On top of that, they were not satisfied with long support processes and a non-intuitive user interface.


ARKANA decided to switch to as they believed it would help them accomplish their 2 main objectives. They focus on increasing sales from both individual and B2B segments and want to optimize daily work of different teams by introducing CRM.

Aside from that, they could replace different tools with an all-in-one platform and so improve the quality and speed of information flow between field employees working with B2B clients and office colleagues.

How helps:

A truly omnichannel approach was of great importance to ARKANA team – they want to provide clients with personalized services regardless of whether they search their home website, purchase products in their online store, order through the ARKANA app or use the app to check stock availability in the closest store and then buy in a traditional way. ARKANA combines different marketing channels to drive brand awareness and to be as close to their customers as possible.

To achieve that, they run:

  • WebPush campaigns
  • Email campaigns: regular newsletter, special offers, abandoned cart recovery
  • Live chat
  • Popup automation

Automation flow example


And are currently at the testing phase with:

  • SMS campaigns
  • In-App messages
  • Mobile notifications

They integrated the ARKANA app with by installing the mobile SDK. Thanks to it they’re able to track users’ behaviour in their app, send MobilePush campaigns and In-app messages.

ARKANA team see great value in the fact that is an all-in-one platform. Thanks to having features such as team management, advanced user tracking and CRM with pipeline management in one place, they manage to match details from the client phone calls with their online behaviour history and more effectively combine online and offline worlds. They also speeded up customer support and ensured quicker transition of data between office team members and sales representatives who meet B2B clients on-site and can upload the details and discussion notes to directly and immediately.

Since day one, ARKANA has been constantly supported by our amazing Customer Success specialists, who have helped them with proper app installation, integration and showed how to create automation flows from scratch. Thanks to close cooperation and dedication of the support agents, the ARKANA team have set up different features and automation flows step-by-step and in a correct and effective way. They’ve as well decided to use our Premium Assistance service, which are one-to-one consulting meetings with marketing automation specialist. During those meetings the ARKANA team received custom-made solutions, dedicated support as well as had a chance to gain additional knowledge about marketing automation and different features in the app.

Experimenting with features:

One feature ARKANA tested out and decided to freeze at least at the moment is chatbot advising customers on their product choices. With such a great variety of cosmetics, strongly individual customer’s needs related to their skin type, skin issues, allergies, fragrance preferences etc. even an extremely complex chatbot automation flow hasn’t exhausted all options. In addition, customers were reluctant in sharing some sensitive information with a bot and not everyone knew how to interact with it.

The ARKANA team resigned from advisory chatbot and instead are focusing on providing high quality live chat support, which so far has been very much liked by their users.

At we love that approach and strongly encourage clients to experiment and test different ideas in order to find the best fit with their customers.

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"We finally found a platform that gives us multichannel communication tools, CRM and cross device user tracking at once. Plus exceptional customer support."

Katarzyna Wyszyńska
eCommerce Manager
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