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How Centrum Respo obtains 36% of subscription renewals using User.com and how the system became the second source of generating income from the first app purchase
Michał Wrzosek
CEO at Centrum Respo
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What we value the most is cooperation based on partnership and business friendship. And the effects of this cooperation are visible in analytical systems. During several dozen months of joint work, activities carried out in the User.com system generated 23% of the Centrum Respo's total revenue.

Michał Wrzosek
CEO at Centrum Respo


Centrum Respo is a professional dietary clinic with a team of certified trainers and nutritionists led by Michał Wrzosek. The Respo method combines four key elements, and each of them is responsive which means that it is maximally tailored to the needs of a given organism.

A team of experienced dietitians and physiotherapists has already helped over 22,895 patients to lose a total of 137,029.3 kg.

Challenges they’ve faced

The Centrum Respo team was looking for a tool that would help them automate email communication without the need for coding and additional involvement of their IT department. They wanted to get to know their customers better, both in terms of building experiences and taking care of their needs, as well as in terms of business - by getting to know the types of customers and their previous purchase history.

That’s why, one of the important factors taken into account at the tool selection stage was the advanced user tracking function and the ability to view the entire history of customer interaction with the brand in one place.

Thanks to one of our satisfied customer’s recommendation they decided to try out User.com.

How User.com Helps

Customer Data Platform as a single source of customer data

To be able to direct personalized messages to Centrum Respo’s potential and current customers, it was important to develop an appropriate data structure. In cooperation with a dedicated expert, the necessary events and attributes in the User.com system were prepared and configured. Based on activity in Centrum Respo’s app and website, specific events are assigned to each user, and attributes and tags are updated in real-time.

The Centrum Respo team can see the entire history of these interactions and previous purchases from one place in CDP. This feature is especially used by nutritionists who, by monitoring the activity of their charges, can easily find information about the ending of the application subscription or the last time a customer performed any activity in the app which is essential in implementing corrective actions to reduce customer churn.

Advanced lead generation and lead nurturing processes

The Centrum Respo team has created many extensive automation workflows aimed at generating leads. With the help of a User.com specialist, they prepared the lead generation communication structure and mapped the entire process step by step, which greatly facilitated further activities.

Currently, the entire process is handled by the User.com system, from generating the right lead magnet to sending personalized communication.

When potential customers share their data to receive a lead magnet, the data is sent to User.com, where the system filters them with the help of appropriate automation and, as a result, sends the selected personalized lead magnet from over 40 available options to the customers. Those potential customers are assigned to the drip mailing campaign within the lead nurturing path, which is appropriately matched to the type of lead magnet they received earlier.

Personalised communication based on the declarative data of the charges using multiple channels

Thanks to the integration of both applications - User.com and Centrum Respo - it is possible to transfer data between them. Data from the Centrum Respo’s app is sent to User.com, where the system analyzes it and, based on it, sends personalized communication to the charges.

The Centrum Respo Team communicates with their customers through multiple channels. One of them is email. The Centrum Respo team actively acquires subscriptions to the newsletter through social media and lead magnets such as the calorie calculator, among others. Using User.com, the team can handle the entire sign-up process, regardless of whether the user signs up using the Centrum Respo landing page, to which they are directed from social media, or using a pop-up generated in User.com. The confirmation of the newsletter subscription is also properly personalized to the downloaded lead magnet.

Users are identified through an email address and a custom ID provided by the Centrum Respo Team. Based on them, cyclic deduplication of users in the e-mail database is performed.

In addition to simple campaigns, the Centrum Respo team sends automatic emails to its users, based on templates and dynamically filled in with data for each of its charges and leads.

The Centrum Respo team strives to provide its charges and clients with the communication they deserve. Therefore, it closely monitors the email campaigns it sends and optimizes their creations.

The Centrum Respo team simultaneously displays several pop-up creations aimed at generating leads. The Centrum Respo team, out of concern for the user experience on the website, introduced capping for pop-ups.

Chat is an additional channel that not only serves to communicate with potential customers, but also supports conversion at the last stage of the funnel. It is operated by one of the consultants from The Centrum Respo which makes the chat proactive and encourages customers to interact. The Centrum Respo team performed A/B tests to check which of the messages would resonate better with website visitors.


The Centrum Respo team uses the automation module in an advanced way. Currently, there are dozens of automations running in the system, including:

  • automation monitoring the source of subscriptions to the newsletter and managing marketing consents,
  • automation supporting the notification system for all webinars organized by the Centrum Respo Team in one place.
  • abandoned carts automation,
  • abandoned offer automation - saving offer communication is sent when the user who received the offer as part of the lead nurturing path has not made a purchase on the website.


The Centrum Respo team and their assigned expert actively develop solutions to emerging challenges. One of them was an in-depth analysis of the effectiveness of individual activities. To meet the customer's requirements and be able to create even more advanced dashboards containing data from many sources, both teams created the appropriate space in Google Data Studio.

In addition, the Centrum Respo team uses the dashboard module in the User.com system that grants the possibility to customize and personalize an unlimited number of dashboards on account of the widgets. Each widget can be adjusted to the time and various parameters depending on the type of data. The created dashboards are utilized by both teams for technical analytics, checking trends and the operation of individual automations.

What we've achieved together so far

Both the Centrum Respo team and User.com are particularly proud of their partnership. And the effects of this cooperation are visible in the analytical systems. During several dozen months of work, activities conducted in the User.com system generated 23% of the company's total revenue, and from October 2021 to February 2023, campaigns conducted in User.com accounted for 14.83% of revenue, which placed User.com second in terms of sources of generating income from the first purchases of Centrum Respo application subscriptions.

In addition, User.com supports the Centrum Respo team in encouraging the renewal of a subscription once purchased and as far, the system helps them to obtain 36% of subscription renewals.  

The Centrum Respo team is also satisfied with the email marketing activities and the results achieved. Currently, 12 different lead magnet automation paths are created in the system, and the CTR of these campaigns for the first leads reaches even a satisfying 90%. Lead nurturing campaigns created by the Centrum Respo team achieve an OR of 23-25%.

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User.com supports our business in many aspects including encouraging customers to renew a subscription once purchased and, as far, the system helps us to obtain 36% of subscription’s renewals.

Paweł Witkowski
COO & CTO at Centrum Respo
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