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How one company has used to build a fully automated CRM and use sales automation, combined with segmentation to prioritize their best customers while also enhancing the customer buying experience and increasing repeat purchases.
David Grass
General Manager at Cotecno
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"We were able to build a great email follow-up sequence with and solve having to manually send thousands of emails a month after a quote, and this sequence helps like crazy with personalization that we can focus on speaking to the best customers and automating the rest."

David Grass
General Manager at Cotecno


Cotecno is an import company, and a laboratory equipment supplier specialized in technical service and state-of-the-art equipment backed by ASTM and NCH standards to provide solutions and education for their customers. They are a Chilean company with more than 15 years on the market serving the entire country from Arica to Punta Arenas.

While most of the sales come from the website, since they have so many products that are available (more than fifteen thousand), often the process is to have a common approach on their end to help educate the customers about what they actually need while giving them specialized technical service.


Challanges they faced:

Since many of their customers are not entirely sure which products will help with their needs, Cotecno was looking for a tool to help them with data gathering to determine common themes or product views to segment their leads better and offer more personalized contact when it came to sales.

The second challenge is they needed a product that could help automate the sales process. Many of their customers take a few weeks to get a quote, and often customers who were ready to buy were overlooked because of the time or getting lost with too many customers within the buying funnel.

Using, they created many automations but were still unable to have price submitting from the clients, and the requests all came in as different quotes. There was no history of the quote, which turned into something too overwhelming while not having historical customer data. The sales teams would also need to manually check in google analytics if a lead was visiting the website and product visits weren’t available to be tracked.

How helps:

Being able to segment potential customers into a few different groups has made the sales process much more effective, easier, and more straightforward for the sales teams. Prioritizing those customers who are ready to buy and connect with them straight off the top saves them a lot of money and time. At the same time, they're able to nurture other customers who might need a quote later and help at their specific stages - guiding them along the way until they are ready to buy or get a quote.

For Cotecno, help with an automated CRM and Sales Automation has been the biggest game-changer. Each of these steps in the funnel can be automated, and to be able not to miss out on potential sales by focusing on wasting time with items that could be out of stock and contact these leads with additional quotes when stock arrives in.


With, they've been able to condense all the data into customer timelines and keep track of all the communication history with integrated IMAP, which helps them have consistent quotes and start fresh each time they previously left off. This, combined with visitor tracking to see which other products the customer views, has helped the sales team know exactly what the customer is looking for.

David has set up many different automation processes that he wanted to automate for their sales team to improve their workflows and found that they are working pretty well. With the integration of Google Tag Manager on their website, they can fire these critical events into the customer timelines when customers check the site or products. helps to solve the email quotes and follow-ups with 1000 different quotes a month. Having a sequence of email follow-ups helps Cotecno with personalization that enables their team to automate this process, so their team can focus on talking to only those who are the best customers and automating the rest.

They can automatically trigger a deal based on clicks in an email that can be tagged to an agent on the sales team, something that makes the experience better for the customer. The customers' buying experience feels better about the brand and has a higher chance of returning. Additionally, they've set the deals to split fairly throughout the team, which has helped them with team management, encouraging them to be more efficient and gives each of the sales team the same odds to turn deals into customers.

What they’ve been able to achieve:

They have their hands full with inbound sales. They don't need to do additional work for outbound or new customers, although in the future, once the funnels have been completely optimized, they hope to use the platform for more marketing automation and outreach campaigns for getting new customers.

Their team is hoping to make further use and improve their NPS scoring system since David sees the potential and how it will increase the sales team's effectiveness, but with so many products, it can be a pretty big task to map out.

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"We bought to help with sales automation and are seeing that the system has improved our processes with automating our CRM, plus giving automated email follow-ups as well as useful data collected by the chatbot."

David Grass
General Manager at Cotecno
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