How to increase B2C conversion rate in an e-marketplace?
Marcin Jodłowski
Marketing Manager at
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"Since we started working with we have tripled our email list to 75 thousands users and made email marketing one of the most important marketing channels. We were mainly looking for customer engagement tools but now we as well use the CRM and are ready to implement next modules soon. Truly all-in-one."

Marcin Jodłowski
Marketing Manager at

Introduction: is an e-marketplace connecting customers in need of repairing their vehicles and professional auto servicing businesses. People who need to find a vehicle mechanic can search for the best provider by most convenient location, compare their offers and pricing, check the opening hours and time slots available, schedule a repair and check customer reviews. Auto servicing businesses can place the details about their business on and so significantly improve their market presence and gain new customers. In addition, car fixing companies and repair shops can be rewarded with “Recommended by Drivers” certificate, which increases their credibility, confirms high quality of servicing to potential customers and enables clients to get exact quotation adjusted to their vehicle brand, model and type.

Challenges they faced:

Before implementing, the team didn’t have difficulties with driving traffic to their website. However, at some point they realized that many visitors leave without taking any actions. People entered their website to check some details but were not contacting a car servicing company nor scheduling a repair directly at They wanted to increase conversion rates and improve customer retention in the long run.


Goals they want to achieve with

To address the issue of a high number of users leaving their site without any action, they started to look for a solution that would help them significantly increase the conversion rate on the B2C part of their website. The team needed a software that would enable them to effectively engage users, collect important data pieces and encourage potential customers to contact a service provider or schedule a repair through their e-marketplace.

Also, they wanted a tool with a variety of different features that could be implemented gradually with time and with no involvement of the IT team. Their IT resources were limited and the intention of was to find a platform easy & intuitive enough to be used by marketers and sales representatives with no coding skills.

How helps:

One of the first steps took was extending regular onboarding with a few Direct Assistance calls with team to help them set up the tool and show what they could introduce in the future.

To achieve their key business objective, which was increased conversion rate from the current traffic, they focused on 2 areas: collecting contact details and improving customer engagement. They use:

- User tracking & analysis – thanks to insights they’re able to segment their visitors basing on their behaviour and display or send the right content at the right moment

- Exit popups – newsletter subscription forms displayed at different stages of customer journey to collect email addresses. They have various versions of popups displayed after visiting a particular page and thus adjust the content to user’s interest


- Chatbot – a chatbot active on particular webpages and collecting information and contact data from customers looking for support


- Email campaigns – they send newsletter with useful pieces of advice for drivers. To make the messages more personal, they use different types of snippet tags.

Although the team originally needed a marketing automation solution to boost their performance in the B2C channel, they have been step-by-step expanding the usage of by implementing further modules to improve their cooperation with car servicing companies (B2B part of their business). As they very much rely on the phone contact with potential partners, they started to work with CRM and thus made the task management much easier for their sales team members. Each time a new B2B lead fills in a form on their website, a new task is created and appears in the sales pipeline in the Sales section. Thanks to it, all team members are up to date, can take care of different tasks faster and with real-time information flow.

They as well send B2B email campaigns to inform their partners about special offers or share with them some valuable content.

Also, at the moment the team are testing the Dashboards module and they’re very keen to use it as a sales performance tracking tool.

What they achieved so far:

Thanks to significantly increased their B2C newsletter subscribers base. At the beginning of Q4 2019 they had around 25k unique email addresses while in April 2020 this number was at the level of 75k (200% increase in 6 months). In addition, they noticed that with such a high quality subscribers base they are now able to generate several dozen additional car repair appointments per month – all of them scheduled at their website after a customer has clicked a relevant link in their email. The team are further developing their email marketing strategy – they see emails not only as a way to communicate with their subscribers but also as an effective bookings generation channel.

Apart from that, they are very satisfied with the CRM. As they created their sales processes from scratch already in and needed to adjust procedures with time and experience, they especially value the flexibility it gives. With the whole team using the Sales module, they managed to decrease the time needed for repetitive tasks and facilitate the cooperation between different team members thanks to clear task assignment and easy deal stage tracking.

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Marcin Jodłowski
Marketing Manager at
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