Why the Hunch team decided to switch from using Intercom to
Filip Mateković
Head of Marketing at Hunch
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"At Hunch we started with Intercom at the early startup stage but decided to switch to as we were growing – we were looking for an all-in-one solution for marketing campaigns, automation, and advanced user tracking."

Filip Mateković
Head of Marketing at Hunch


Hunch is a creative automation and media buying platform. They combine creative video & image production with automated ads buying. Their mission is to empower the world’s leading brands and agencies to produce personalized & contextual creatives driving performance across all Facebook, Instagram and Google ad formats at scale.

While they were using Intercom:

The Hunch team were using Intercom at the early startup stage. At that time they didn't run marketing campaigns or ads. They were using Intercom as a tool for managing internal issues (team and project management), basic user tracking and communication with clients.


They decided to switch to because:

As Hunch was growing, their needs were changing much as well. They switched to mainly because they needed a platform for advanced user-tracking across channels and devices, marketing automation and campaigns.

An important factor was also pricing. Intercom charges much more with growing number of contacts and for additional support agent seats.

How they assess so far?

The Hunch team see as marketing automation software that combines features of different tools and let them manage marketing, content creation and internal project management from one place.

Thanks to they were able to replace many different apps they used to use earlier with an all-in-one platform. The Hunch team have not yet tried some features but they like the fact that there are many options available. Although they say it's not easy to get started with the app at the beginning and encourage team members to start using it, they see its big potential.

In their view Intercom is super good with some particular features (great CRM and chat) but at there is a high number of options.

The Hunch team very much value support they receive from Customer Success specialists. Our agents are available through multiple channels and are always ready to help find the best solution, fix problems or suggest alternative possibilities. In addition, Hunch has been using our Premium Assistance service, which are one-to-one calls with our marketing automation specialist who provides tailored consulting and shares his hands-on experience. They’ve been very satisfied with the service as during the meetings they have a chance to gain specialized knowledge – from the basic setup, best practices and hints to advanced and customized options and workarounds.

To achieve their business objectives, they use for:

  • Lead nurturing
  • Lead scoring
  • Managing daily tasks
  • Providing support via live chat
  • Running email campaigns

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"We value, especially as a partner, not a tool. And we like their pricing system – they don't "punish" businesses for growing."

Filip Mateković
Head of Marketing at Hunch
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