How an e-commerce consulting company boosted their lead generation processes with automation
Paulina Jóźwik
Content Writer at Strix
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“We’re surprised how well lead generation through chat works. Even with a simple chatbot automation this channel generates a big bulk of prospects each month!”

Paulina Jóźwik
Content Writer at Strix


Strix is a company specializing in digital commerce services. They’re an e-commerce agency with top UX designers, engineers and project managers on board. Strix designs and implements e-commerce systems, while caring about extraordinary UX. They mainly work with medium and big enterprises and combine creative approach with deep knowledge and years of hands-on experience from the e-commerce industry.

Challanges & goal they want to achieve with

Some time ago Strix was working on a completely new website. As its old version hadn’t encouraged much traffic they wanted to change it – they needed the new website to be more appealing, interactive, engaging and able to generate leads. In addition, the Strix team wanted to know who visit their site and how they behave. Originally, they went for as they’re looking for software with live chat and advanced user tracking features.

Strix needed to get more insights about their website visitors – who, from where, when and how often visit their site and what exact actions they take – as they wanted to combine those data with Google Analytics statistics and thus have better understanding of their users. Thanks to this, they could more precisely target their marketing and user engagement activities.

One of their key objectives was to provide online support for users with questions and start to generate valuable leads on their main website.

How helps:

Strix has been using selected modules from the very beginning and managed to achieve great results in relation to their original goals. However, with time, as they’re getting more used to the platform, they found additional features very useful too, and have been gradually increasing the scope of their usage.

Since the very beginning they’ve been providing live chat support on their website. As their team is relatively small and not always have time to be available, they set up a simple automation – if a chat agent hasn’t responded within a given time, an automated bot message is sent. Thanks to this, Strix collects email addresses and information from prospects even if the team can’t be reached. This simple bot brings such great results as a lead generator that in the nearest future they want to create a more complex chatbot which will collect different information pieces about prospects and thus capture users that may have not left their details otherwise.


When Strix first implemented they were using another provider for their email campaigns. At some point, however, they tested out the email campaigns and were so satisfied with the results that they resigned from the old tool. The Strix team especially value intuitive campaign builder, email templates that are ready to use without developers’ or designers’ help and extremely responsive support team if they need additional advice. In addition, it’s extremely helpful that in the email campaign stats one can see exact users who interacted with it and can go directly to a given user’s profile. Strix sends both simple (newsletters, one-off promotions or special offers) and automated (newsletter subscription confirmation) email campaigns. On top of that, Strix uses lists to collect and manage email addresses of people downloading their ebooks.

Another tool that works pretty well as a lead generator are pop-ups. They help with newsletter sign-ups and are a good way to inform users about some special or extraordinary situations. For example, Strix used pop-ups to inform people entering their services page about a special offer for e-commerce businesses that wanted to go digital amid COVID-19 pandemic. Visitors could easily schedule a free demo through a pop-up form.


Achievements and looking to the future:

Creating an efficient lead generation machine with automated chat messages has been one of the key Strix’s sucesses with so far. They’re very satisfied with a number of new leads coming from this channel each month and now are looking forward to settig up a more complex leadgen chatbot to capture even more prospects and useful information in an automated way.

When it comes to the next steps, they are also thinking about using the CRM section to better track their sales pipeline stages and organize lead management processes. In addition, they are soon going to implement on their second website too.

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"We are very satisfied with email campaigns builder and switched from the old tool we used. It’s incredible how easy it is to create emails with ready-to-use templates. And we can quickly go to a detailed profile of a user who opened or clicked a given message."

Paulina Jóźwik
Content Writer at Strix
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