How to build a better user onboarding experience and increase conversions with marketing automation.
Kyrylo Taranenko
Marketing Manager at TimelinesAI
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“We were looking to get product market fit with our software, and to increase user retention in the product. User.com actually helps us a lot to streamline the communication with our users, simplify feedback from them, to better understand our product direction so we can retain more customers — and we are seeing improvements right now.”

Kyrylo Taranenko
Marketing Manager at TimelinesAI


TimelinesAI is a web app that helps teams to collaborate on outbound Whatsapp communication with customers and clients. Connect one or several numbers and collectively manage all chats in one place. Track your team efficiency, exchange comments, set follow up reminders, and access the history of communication with your clients.

The app was created by the Israeli team to get insight into the relations with their clients who reached out to them on Whatsapp. They first started with a multichannel solution, but quickly understood that other businesses have a similar need and focused to bring the best experience with collaboration on Whatsapp.


How to build an automated onboarding:

Many clients want to communicate with WhatsApp, but the downside is that it’s challenging to manage. Messages are hard to retain, and client relationships can be hard to manage. Created for small & medium businesses, TimelinesAI helps improve speed, efficiency, and consistency across chats to retain history of client communication for the business and keep the info accessible.

Part of their team’s onboarding process has been making content in various ways, from video guides, digestible emails, and chat availability in answering questions — whatever fits the trial and client the best.

TimelinesAI was looking for a tool that would efficiently solve several tasks:

  • Provide users with an intuitive way to share feedback, feature requests and ask for support right from the web app.
  • Build an automated onboarding process without involving a developer — so people can fully understand the tool and their offer. They were also looking to provide users with different media types depending on their preferences.
  • Send contextual onboarding video messages via chat, email, and video guides.
  • Automate surveys with google forms — with automation, integrate different apps, to use the data to send customized emails – with a focus more on the user.
  • Automate call invitations and follow-ups, so the team doesn’t have to waste time or attention on repeatable tasks.

Their team found this was all possible with User.com and made the switch from Intercom.

With Intercom they found that after the first year when the “startup offer” is finished, the service becomes unreasonably expensive for a pre-product-market fit startup to continue using their software.

How the team finds success using User.com:

In User.com all user data is interconnected between products. This means that you can set up automation rules so that leads will be automatically moved through the different stages of the pipeline, followed up with relevant messages and tags automatically. Kyrylo and his team have found that one of the most powerful things for them is that the entire process is automated. As a result, TimelinesAI team can focus on conducting personal demos and feedback sessions with users. While users get onboarded into the core value of the app, the team has a birds eye view of the entire process and customer relations, just making tweaks along the way.

User.com helps the team to move towards product market fit with their customers, while increasing user retention by streamlining communication, and offer different avenues of improving feedback about their product direction.

Kyrylo has mentioned that while many of their automations seem to be pretty simple, they are still very effective. The automation that moves deals and finishes his onboarding email campaigns, and reminders to each user, saves them even 2-3 hours a day, for more meaningful things.

They’ve been able to set up their automations once, and then all the communication from emails that go through can help to get people on demos, feedback and their thoughts, and more, are setup once and their team doesn’t have to remember about all the specific details, or make manual follow-ups.

One of the biggest things their team appreciates about User.com even compared to Intercom, is that all of the products are combined and interconnected under one platform and they’ve found that they work very well together, even that it’s not necessary to set up additional apps to be able to build exciting things with the product.


Other goals and looking to the future:

Since moving to User.com they’ve been able to increase the number of user interactions, so people reach out and share much more feedback more often. While most of the sales happen outside of the platform in video chats, much of the conversion increase is attributed to retention and the background automated pipelines, plus tailored emails with personalized content that have enabled a better onboarding experience to connect with the customer at key points in their trial, to reach the sales conversion.

TimelinesAI plans to implement the Chatbot at some point in the future, to be interactive for visitors, add further integration from WhatsApp to the CRM, and provide options to gather answers about questions to get some more details (e.g. ask what CRM they currently use to add functionality, or see and offer additional features they would like to use).

They hope to be able to use the Chatbot to make it easier and more engaging to get important and useful data implemented into their system with simple clicks rather than additional time users are spending to type and fill out forms, to streamline the onboarding process.

One of the biggest they’ve seen and appreciate is how supportive User.com is. They’ve checked out many other products in the industry and found that their support teams weren’t so bright or understanding what they wanted to do or to achieve. But they’ve found User.com to be super reactive, and something exactly what they needed, even noticing and helping fix mistakes before it would affect their campaigns.

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“One of the biggest things I appreciate is how supportive your team is. I looked at other products in the industry and their support teams weren’t so responsive — they didn’t spend much time to get familiar with our use case. On the contrary, User.com support was proactive. For example, their support agent noticed and fixed the issue with my email campaign before it affected the results.”

Kyrylo Taranenko
Marketing Manager at TimelinesAI
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