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Intro to chat installation

Let's learn the basics of chat installation. In this video we'll provide you with an overview of chat functionality - why is it so important and how to install the chat widget.
Get started with the chat widget on your website.
Install the user.com app on your website.
The widget is how you can engage your users, generate leads, and turn new visitors into satisfied customers.

Lesson Transcript

Let’s now find out how to get started with the chat widget on your website.

Before taking care of customizing chat design, its alignment on your site as well as other useful settings, we need to install the chat.

The most important part of chat installation is basically installing a user.com app on your website, either by adding a few lines of code to your website source directly...

or by the Google Tag Manager, or through one of the available plugins, for example WordPress, PrestaShop or Magento.

Once you’ve installed the app in general, the chat is installed as well.

As simple as that! Chat widget is one of the key features you should use to engage your users, generate leads and turn new visitors into satisfied customers.

You can customize the chat widget design so that it matches nicely with the visual communication of your business, personalize messages, automate conversations, and of course set up your very own chatbot that will enable you to nurture and support your users 24 hours a day / 7 days a week.

So it was just a short introduction to the chat installation.

In the following videos we’ll discuss each way of installing chat on your website.

Then in the next videos we’ll learn more about chat design customization and its additional settings.

Thanks for listening!

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