Implementing Chat

Watch this course to learn how to configure the chat widget as well as how to set up and work with live chat and a chatbot. We'll cover both - from the visitor and support agent's perspective.
23 videos
1 hour 28 minutes
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About the course

In the "Implementing Chat" course you'll learn how to install and configure chat on your website. We'll discuss different customization possibilities and adjustments you can make to the chat widget so that it matches your website design. You'll also find out how to change chat widget text inputs and how to set up the chat to work in a few languages. In addition, you'll learn the best practices for chat support agents. In the second part of the course we'll explore how to configure your very own chatbot, along with discussing a few real life use cases in detail.*

After the course you'll know how to:

  • install the chat on your website and configure it
  • customize chat widget's appearance and display
  • edit text inputs of chat widget
  • set up your chat in a few language versions
  • optimize the work of chat support agents
  • configure chatbot
  • use chatbot in an efficient way (business use cases)

We're constantly developing the University for you! Please note that some elements of the course content may not be yet available. We're working to upload missing videos as soon as possible, please let us know if there's something you're looking to learn in the future.

  • Any active plan.

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