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Add and remove tags manually

We focus on tags and show how to tag users manually. You'll learn how to add tags to selected users, how to remove tags from users and when tagging may be especially useful.
Adding a tag is like adding some label to a group of your users.
Each user can have multiple tags.
There are a few methods you can use to tag a user manually covered in this lesson

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Adding a tag is like adding some label to a group of your users.

For example if you want to send a dedicated email campaign to users paying most money, you can tag them with a “VIP” tag.

Each user can have multiple tags.

Adding tags can be managed in different ways -> through imports, through an automation, and manually, which we’ll focus on right now.

There are a few methods you can use to tag a user manually and I’m going to cover them all in a few seconds.

Let’s say you have some contacts on your list that you want to mark as premium users and thus to be able to prepare communication and offers dedicated only to this group.

Select the users you want to include in this group by filtering them out.

So let’s assume we are interested in users that for the first time came to your site within the last 5 days as for 5 days you’ve been running a special info campaign that new visitors that would register and leave their emails will be given a special premium status.

We see there are 188 users matching our 2 criteria.

Then I go to Manage, Add tags, and I need to click on “Add tag +” and type in the tag name here.

As you can see, the already existing tags are prompted.

It’s very helpful when you have many tags and for example want to add a few existing tags to a given group at once.

I’m gonna name them Premium_Users.

Remember to use an underscore as separator so that all app functions for tags work properly.

And now click on this “plus” sign here.

Let’s click Save and tags have been added to those selected users.

We can always see all added tags in Tools -> Tags.

You can see here that al those 188 users have been succesfully tagged with “Premium users” and when I click on the tag name here, the users included in the group show up.

Not only can you tag users, but there is also a possibility to tag products, companies and deals.

But let’s continue with tagging users manually.

If you want to tag one particular user, you can do it as well directly from their user’s profile.

Or, if you’re just chatting with a given user, you can add tags directly from the Conversations section.

Whenever you add tags to a given group of users, companies or deals you can use them to filter your contacts.

So let’s go to the homepage, then in Filters look up the Tags and select the one you’re interested in.

We can now see all the 188 users that have been tagged with “Premium Users” here.

To remove a tag from particular user, you can do it individually, so let’s select Amanda Smith for example, and all you need to do is to hover over “Premium Users” tag and click on this small red cross.

Similarly you can do that from the Conversation section.

And that’s it, when we go back to Tags we now see there is 1 less user left among the “Premium Users”.

By doing that we don’t delete a given tag, but we remove the connection between this particular user and this particular tag.

If you want to get rid of the whole tagged group together, you can do it directly from the Tags section.

Click on the little gear icon here and confirm you’re sure to proceed.

It’s important to be aware that this action will delete a tag which means the tag will be removed from all labeled users, but will not delete any users.

And that’s how you add and delete tags manually.

Thanks for listening.

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