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Add and remove users from lists

Lists are really helpful when planning email campaigns targeted at very exact groups. We explore how to create a new list and what are possible ways of adding to and removing users from lists.
Organizing your users database and grouping them into lists.
There are a few ways to create a list and add users to it.
Learn how to add and remove users in this video

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One of the ways of organising your users’ database is to group them into lists.

Similarly to tags, there are a few ways to create a list and add users to it.

As you remember, you can create a new list while importing an external database with contacts.

You can also do that at any point from the People section by going to Data -> Lists and let’s say you want to separate your co-workers from all other users.

I’m going to create a new list, name the list: “My Co-workers” and add a short description below.

So you see it’s now visible in the Lists section.

Now I go back to the People section to add my colleagues to this new list.

The easiest way to find all users I need, is to filter them out.

So in my case I want all users with email addresses ending with “@greatcompany.com”.

Having searched for those, I’m going to “Manage” in order to add them to the list. It’s now time to select my list and save.

How do I make sure all the users have been successfully added to the list?

Let’s go to Lists again, and now we can see there are 5 users over here added to that list.

It may happen a given colleague no longer works at your company and you want to remove them from an existing list.

Select that co-worker, go to Manage and confirm you’re sure to remove them from the Co-workers list.

You can also add a given user to a list and delete them from it directly from their user’s profile. Or through an automation.

A good example of a case when lists are extremely useful is creating a Newsletter list with all recipients of a given email campaign.

I’ve created US Newsletter list and let’s have a quick look at this last column on the right here.

Each time you create a new list, by default a dedicated unsubscribe tag is created.

We’ll discuss that in detail while focusing on Email campaigns but those snippet tags are to be put in an email in order to render an unsubscribe link for a given recipient.

So, as you see, lists are really helpful when creating groups of users you’re gonna send an email campaign to.

Whenever a user clicks Unsubscribe in your email, will be tagged and automatically removed from Newsletter lists they are on.

And that was how to add users to lists and remove them.

Thanks for listening!

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