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Create contacts manually

Let's get is started! In this video we're going to discuss details of adding new contacts manually to your user.com app.
It's time to start gathering data about your users
The people shows you an overview of all data related to your users
Manually add a new contact when you don't have a digital interaction yet.

Lesson Transcript

So now your when app has already been created and it’s time to start gathering data about your users!

Whenever you log in, the default homepage you’ll see is the People section. It gives you a general overview of all data related to your users, such as their names, when they were last or first seen, the number of pageviews of your site or their location.

There are a few ways for a user to appear in the People section.

A new user record is of course created automatically every time a new visitor enters your website thanks to user.com widget, you can also easily import your contacts using our importers. In some cases, however, you may want to add a new user manually.

It’s especially useful when you need to add a new contact after an offline meeting or networking event.

You can do that quickly from the People section by clicking on “Create user” and type in your contact’s details.

I’m typing in John Doe and his email address, you can always add the phone number if you know it, but let’s leave that for now.

Your new contact is automatically assigned to an agent creating it.

If you want to add extra information about a contact, for example some details from their business cards, it’s quick and easy thanks to user attributes.

Except for standard ones available in the system, you can also create custom user attributes and they will be all available here as well.

Click Save, refresh and you’ll see your new contact added!

Thanks for listening!

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