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How to scale effectively? Learn how to turn thousands of users into millions of people fully engaged and active, with effective nurturing over multiple omni marketing channels.
Luizza Couto
Product Manager | Tribe Retention Leader at Qconcursos
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"I’m in love with the products at User.com. I’m a huge fan and recommend the software to everyone. 3 Words for me of what User.com is: Fast, Flexibility, Results."

Luizza Couto
Product Manager | Tribe Retention Leader at Qconcursos

Company Details:

Qconcursos is an educational network platform that provides millions of people with access to millions of quizzes, tests, classes, teachers, and more, all with a goal of enhancing and changing the lives of people looking to increase their recruitment chances in the public sector.

Many people in Brazil are trying to achieve financial stability. One of the ways they can achieve that is navigating through difficult public exams, which with success helps place people into a good public job.

To help people achieve their goals, Qconcursos has been there for people for over a decade, now as one of the largest and most popular education sites in the country and one of the top 100 websites in the country, to help provide education, training, and problem-solving, to prepare people for their ultimate goal of passing their public exams and competitions, thereby changing people’s lives with good work opportunities.

One of the most important use cases they find themselves in their everyday work is helping people achieve their dream, and they are ready to help their customers, regardless of the public profession they are fighting for - that they will have the tools and the way to succeed in getting their dream job. Some of the most positive results for the company are seeing good churn, hearing back from those people whose lives are completely impacted by the team’s efforts.

The main challenges and solution:

In the last few years, user scalability was always one of their biggest problems. As a top 200 website locally, Qconcursos sees some of the most web traffic for Brazil, as well as being ranked in the top 5000 globally. As such, any positive tweaks they’re able to make has a massive rippling impact. With more than 4 million active users and growing.

Early on Qconcursos was using a local automation tool to configure some items to be automated, but really felt limited by what they could do with the API, or the potential to scale up operations. They found that there was no flexibility, there were no reports, they were running into issues with expanding, as their growth started to take off. They had been only using email campaigns but were looking for something better... something that could do anything.

In the middle of 2019, they started looking for an ideal platform, something without limits that all the product and marketing teams could collaborate together on. They found ActiveCampaign and User.com, and decided that User.com was the exact platform with the capabilities they were looking for, because of the flexibility with automations.

Using a new tool at such a high level and realizing the potential with an entirely new setup was nerve-racking, since their use case is pretty complicated, even to think about with all the team members migrating over on a single day. However, once they got started, a support team from User.com was able to come alongside and help them to get comfortable with the platform, as well as to help them get a set of automations and email campaigns up and running.

After a few weeks, the entire team was completely comfortable with the platform and even months later was realizing new opportunities inside the system.

“User.com today for Qconcursos is so helpful, so important for the entire team, that we spend time to train all of our new product managers with the platform and to see the potential with using User.com.”

When you start as a product manager in Qconcursos, you learn how to use lead scoring, and churn campaigns in User.com.

“As the main retention leader responsible for churn, customization is everything and User.com helps us with automations, and push notifications campaigns, to provide an amazing experience for our clients that they will stay with us throughout the whole process of passing public exams.”

Recently they’ve been doing more campaigns with push notifications, and are seeing impressive results to get people back, with a combination of email campaigns jointly with marketing automation flows to target their customer’s last seen attribute and get return engagement.


How User.com helps:

Email campaigns are at the core of the entire operation, for contact and communication, nearly every interaction with the customers plus the ability to analyze everything.

They use automations for everything since it’s in conjunction with almost everything they want to achieve; everything from sales, to customer success, to events of sending tickets which track NPS scores - fast communication to see if customers are having issues that they can improve, by keeping clients updated, plus increase their feedback quality.

Additionally, They’re starting to use more push notifications and popups which they’ve seen incredible results back from.

Even recently they’re experimenting with trying out new features. Early in 2020, when the pandemic hit and became more relevant in Brazil they needed to run digital promotion campaigns without code or additional help from the engineering team, as they were completely busy. With User.com they were able to make a breakthrough and run the entire sales campaigns, with popups and with email automations even without a developer, and found them super effective, reaching something like almost 500,000 in revenue with a great response.

There was a moment of realization and understanding that they were able to do it on their own with only automations and lead scoring, which has opened up in seeing User.com in a new way, with the potential for even more opportunities with additional capabilities, both with and without the need for the developing team. The scale here is huge.

Goals & Achievements:

Luizza has put together extensive automations that helps connect with customers by their last seen time, which reach out to them with emails and popups - sending them personalized messages with invitations to come back and study - She’s found people love getting these customized messages, and that they are responding by taking screenshots of the messages and posting them to Instagram, Facebook, and other social media.

“What would we do without User.com? To see where we are at, and our potential where we will be with the product, it’s really been an amazing experience.”

Last year they didn’t have really any metrics with their previous software, because it was hidden and difficult to find. With User.com they are looking to continuously improve their metrics with better content and graphics, but are seeing responses between 2-4% open rate, and 18% click ratio.

This is something that they’re really happy since at their scale they are already seeing great customer interaction, and making great results. As well as in regards to fighting churn, which they’ve made some adjustments have seen a lot of success since last year.

The product and sales teams have built and are using more than 100 automations and can see the entire system working well. There are a few automations to check every day for people who have been visited over the last few days and to hit them with push messages, to invite them back. Results have been pretty incredible - reaching on average 15% of the entire sent lists with impressive open metrics.

As the new dashboards are still new and they’re still trying to decide how to best use the dashboards. For now, Luizza has already set up some to monitor engagements for lessons, in the consumption of both virtual and text lessons. With that, she’s able to see the progress of putting these people into segments that she can use later on with automations. There’s another to track leads, to see what is happening with those customers, but really tons of insights even in the last week, understanding the potential and capabilities, even in collaborating the entire team to quickly understand the insights.

"I don't feel any need to switch to anything else, because the platform helps us make good results and achievements, from churn, retention, engagement, to even our sales goals."

Luizza Couto
Product Manager | Tribe Retention Leader at Qconcursos
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